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Watch the World Cup live on Douyin, Douyin Group becomes the right-holding broadcaster of the 2022 World Cup_Sports_Cooperation_Peng Jianming

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Original title: Watch the World Cup live on Douyin, Douyin Group becomes the 2022 World Cup rights-holding broadcaster

On June 21, China Central Radio and Television and Douyin Group jointly held a cloud release event, announcing that Douyin Group became the 2022 Qatar World Cup rights-holding broadcaster and China Central Radio and Television’s live broadcast strategic partner. Peng Jianming, member of the editorial meeting of CCTV and general manager of the General Manager Office, and Zhang Nan, CEO of Douyin Group, delivered speeches online and jointly launched the cooperation between the two parties.

In his speech, Peng Jianming said that football is known as “the world‘s No. 1 sport”, and the World Cup is the top feast of this No. 1 sport, attracting the largest audience. China Central Radio and Television Station and Douyin Group have strong complementary advantages in copyright cooperation and new media communication. On the basis of the good cooperation in the past, the 2022 Qatar World Cup has created a new cooperation opportunity for both of us, allowing us to join hands to create and explore new cooperation models and technical means, and jointly achieve better new media communication effect and greater social benefit.

Zhang Nan said in his speech that Douyin has become a favorite product for many sports fans. Whether it is live sports events, secondary creation of sports videos, or knowledge sharing by fitness experts, the sports ecology in Douyin is becoming more and more abundant. For the upcoming World Cup, Douyin, like everyone, is full of expectations, and will work closely with the main station to enrich everyone’s live broadcast experience by creating more popular and creative interactive forms, and present a wonderful and unforgettable World Cup feast for everyone. .

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In recent years, Douyin has continuously improved the platform’s sports content ecology. According to the relevant person in charge, Douyin is not only a partner of the 2020 European Cup and the 2021 America’s Cup, but also during the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics, launched a number of exclusive sports programs, invited many athletes to settle in, and recorded training with short videos. And daily life, participate in event commentary, sports popularization, show the style inside and outside the stadium, and the relevant content has received a good response from netizens.

According to the “2021 Douyin Sports Ecological White Paper”, in the past year, Douyin Sports has experienced significant growth in terms of content supply, consumption and dissemination. As of the beginning of 2022, the number of sports creators with more than 10,000 Douyin fans exceeded 60,000, and the number of live sports broadcasts and viewers increased by about 50%. Recent research shows that Douyin users are looking forward to the Qatar World Cup.Return to Sohu, see more


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