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Watching Manchester City vs. Liverpool to understand what ‘human quality football’ is

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Watching Manchester City vs. Liverpool to understand what ‘human quality football’ is

Original title: After watching Manchester City vs. Liverpool, I understand what is “human high-quality football”

After Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City, the “Red Army” coach Klopp likened the game to a boxing match where you can’t put your arms down for any second, while Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola believes that the game can be used as the best promotional advertisement in the Premier League.

The first battle of the Premier League in the early morning of the 11th had nothing to do with love or hatred, and all the fans were hooked. De Bruyne scored with a long-range shot.

Before the game, Manchester City and Liverpool already had a double-digit points gap away from the second group. With 8 rounds left in the league, this game is equivalent to the Premier League title race to a certain extent.

According to an analysis by Gracenote in the United States, if Manchester City beat Liverpool, the odds of winning the Premier League this season will reach 86%.

At the beginning of the game, the Blue Moon at home attacked aggressively, and in the 5th minute, De Bruyne made a perfect start with a long-range shot; after Liverpool equalized the score in the 13th minute, Manchester City rewritten the score again at halftime. Jota equalised for Liverpool.

In the description of the Liverpool legend Carragher, Liverpool was lucky to be able to take away a draw from the Etihad Stadium. “This is a good result, Manchester City has reason to win the game.”

The Liverpool player Jota who scored the goal also admitted:“Manchester City are playing very well and to change their game you have to take advantage of every opportunity.”

It is worth mentioning that the first match between the two sides in October last year was 2-2, which is somewhat similar to that game-Manchester City was also a more active party on the scene, the difference is that Liverpool took the lead twice at that time. Manchester City are the chasers, and this time the two sides have adjusted each and every one. Jesus turned offside to help Manchester City lead again.

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The entire first half of Manchester City showed a better state. On the other hand, Liverpool, the top star Salah, did not have a strong sense of existence. In terms of data, there were 0 shots, 0 passing, 0 successes in 4 ground confrontations, and more ball losses. up to 8 times.

And Arnold has become the key point of Manchester City’s breakthrough-Jesus, Silva and others have repeatedly attacked behind him, making Liverpool’s star defender a little miserable.

The famous Owen also talked about his intuitive feelings about watching the game,“In the first half of the first half I wondered if the Liverpool players had the wrong studs on? They couldn’t keep up with the rhythm, and then I quickly realised it was City that was playing too fast.”

After the game, Liverpool coach Klopp also said: “Man City is more direct than usual.” But at the same time he stressed: “What makes me happy is that we can make trouble for them in every situation.” Mane scored, The two sides drew 2-2.

Don’t let go for a moment

As Klopp said, even in a relatively weak situation, Liverpool’s threat to goal has always remained efficient.

This season, Liverpool are the team with the most goals in the Premier League. In this campaign, in the case of 6 to 11 shots, they scored 4 to 5 on target, just 1 behind Manchester City.

In the first round of the contest between the two sides, Liverpool’s shots were 6 to 12, and the number of shots on target was 4 to 3. As long as Manchester City relaxes for a moment, Liverpool will show its fangs.Salah (left) and Mane are still Liverpool’s offensive guarantees.

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Especially the blitz after the opening of the second half, only 46 seconds, Manchester City suffered the fastest goal loss in the second half of the Premier League since November 2004. Even the lacklustre Salah made a fine pass in the half to help his old partner Mane give himself a gift on his 30th birthday with a goal.

Stimulated by such a goal, Liverpool played the strongest game in the opening 20 minutes of the second half, once suppressing Manchester City’s possession rate to 30%, although De Bruyne assisted Sterling in the 63rd minute to score, but Sentenced to be offside first, Manchester City can only accept such a draw in the end. Guardiola (right) and Klopp admire each other.

“Commercial blows” after the game

After the game, Guardiola seemed more satisfied with the draw, and in his speech he paid more attention to the great game that the two sides contributed together.

“Competing with Liverpool has raised the bar for winning the Premier League, Manchester City used to score 100 points, they used to score 80-91 points, and Liverpool also scored 97 and 99 points. Now a team has to score 90-100 points to win the title. “

Indeed, Manchester City and Liverpool are currently the only two teams in the Premier League that can play a dominant performance in the face of other teams for a long time. This game has made Liverpool’s record of not conceding a goal in the first half since January this year. The history of not dropping points after leading this season has come to an end.

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It’s only when the two teams face each other that they really meet opponents – so both managers, Klopp or Guardiola, can be comforted by a draw.

Klopp bluntly said that the game was too crazy, and also said that Liverpool did not have the control of Manchester City; Guardiola also reciprocated, telling the media: “Klopp is the coach who can make me better.”De Bruyne is the world‘s number one midfielder.

Manchester City’s future schedule is dominant?

It is worth mentioning that this game will not be the last meeting between the two sides this season.

They will meet again in the FA Cup semi-final this weekend, and in the league, the competition between the two sides is likely to continue until the end of the season.

After this campaign, Manchester City still maintains the initiative to fight for the title. For Liverpool, the good news is that they have not fallen behind at the door of Manchester City. In the next 7 games, both sides will have 4 hosts and 3 guests, both with three Relative opponents – Wolves, Newcastle and Aston Villa.

Among the remaining four opponents, Manchester City has played against Brighton, Watford, Leeds United and West Ham; Liverpool will face Manchester United, Everton, Tottenham and Southampton. It seems that Manchester City’s schedule is better. in Liverpool.

De Jong, the former Manchester City player, said: “Manchester City is definitely the favorite, but in the next game I think both sides may lose points. They will not win all games. The key is who loses fewer points.”

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