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WCBA synthesis: Daqing fifteen consecutive defeats, Shandong beats Jiangsu

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Original Title: WCBA Comprehensive: Daqing’s 15th consecutive defeat and Shandong’s victory over Jiangsu

The 15th round of the 2021-2022 China Women’s Basketball League (WCBA) ended on the 14th. The Daqing Women’s Basketball team swallowed a 15-game losing streak. The season so far is hard to find; Shandong Women’s Basketball Team won a strong dialogue with the Jiangsu Women’s Basketball Team. A big win.

The Daqing Women’s Basketball team faced the Dongguan Women’s Basketball team this round. Although they did not suffer a rout, they lost every quarter. The Dongguan team firmly grasped the situation on the court and won 92:76. Daqing women’s basketball team suffered a 15-game losing streak, and they are also the only team that hasn’t won a victory so far this season.

Shandong and Jiangsu, who were both 12 wins and 2 losses, met in this round, but the expected stalemate did not appear. Several starters in Jiangsu did not play for a long time. The 12 players played the least for 10 minutes. The team is obviously There is the meaning of training soldiers. Shandong led its opponents by 10 points in the first quarter, and the following three quarters also have the upper hand. At 102:80, Shandong team won a big victory, with a record of 13 wins and 2 losses, following the top two in Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, temporarily ranking points. The third place on the list. Jiangsu ranked fifth.

In other games, Liaoning defeated Shaanxi 75:69 and won the third victory of the season; Hebei defeated Fujian 73:61. (Wang Hengzhi and Zhu Xudong)

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