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“We are not happy with the first part, we need to be more ambitious”

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“We are not happy with the first part, we need to be more ambitious”

Chus Mateo, coach of Real Madrid, regretted the defeat suffered in the Euroleague away against EA7 Emporio Armani Milan and assured that no one on the team was happy with a first part in which he believes they should have been “more ambitious.”

“They needed this victory because they are going to fight until the end to get into the play in. Probably, we thought it would be enough with our talent and scoring from outside. And cWhen we started playing defense in the second half, the distance was very great. We were able to come back when we lost by three, we were in the game, but it was not enough. We are not happy with the first part, we need to be more ambitious,” he said.

In that initial half he did not like the defensive work: “Tonight I am a little sad because we did not want to lose. Surely tomorrow I will see things a little differently. Today Tavares and Llull had some minutes, that is important for us to try. We have to learn a lesson from each game and today we learned that we cannot allow so many minutes to the opponent. You can be unfocused for a while, three or four minutes, but not twenty like in the first part,” he said.

Likewise, he also added: “When we started scoring easily at the beginning, in the opening five minutes, we thought the game would be easier because we were scoring. But we didn’t think about defense and defensive rebounding. And The defensive rebound killed us, because in the second options they began to score many triples after the offensive rebound, we allowed them a lot“.

Nikola Mirotic had an outstanding performance against Real Madrid / Twitter: @OlimpiaMI1936

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“We are Real Madrid and we want to win everything”

Along these lines, he stated: “We see the classification in the Euroleague, We are at the top with a difference that seems enough to be among the top three or four positions. That probably sometimes makes us lose concentration. and to think that since the Copa del Rey is close, we have to focus on that. Sometimes that happens, but we are Real Madrid and we want to win everything, it is in our DNA. “We want to win everything and today we also wanted to win, but we were confused on how to do it.”

Regarding how they played he added: “We wanted to win by scoring and that is not enough, if we want to be great we have to defend like we did in the second half. That’s the reason we’re at the top, because we’re defending and not just scoring. “We are defending well and today in the first half we didn’t do it.”

On the other hand, regarding the proximity of the Copa del Rey, he believes that they will be “fine”: “We have one more game in the league away from home and then we’ll see, but at least I have the entire squad and for me that is important, enough. Not everyone is going to be in the same shape, but everyone can be useful and help. If we win we will win as a team and if we lose it will be because we do not play as a team. “If we have all the players we will be together and have a good tournament.”

Despite the setback, he would complete with an optimistic assessment for the team to recover soon: “We have played 49 games. There have been injuries, people who have left, who have returned. We have had Musa, Llull, Tavares, Hezonja, to Yabusele… it is not easy for everything to be put in order overnight. Surely we are not in the best moment, but we have one week left to be one hundred percent and we will be“, complete.

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