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We are not thinking about anything other than ourselves

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We are not thinking about anything other than ourselves

Riccardo Visconti on Il Resto del Carlino spoke about Carpegna Prosciutto Pesaro and the race for survival: “Honestly at this moment we are thinking about nothing other than ourselves, about how to approach this match well, the last of the season at home in front of our fans, and take this victory. Because if we make mistakes, then no results that come from other fields will help us. So the first thing is to stay focused, the second to fight as if there were no tomorrow; we’ll think about the last day of the championship then. Because now for us the only thing that matters is beating Vanoli, otherwise everything else will be useless.”

Pesaro comes from a knockout in Casale Monferrato against a great Bertram: “I recognize their merits for how they prepared the match defensively, they knew our games inside out and they put us in difficulty. But we could have done better than that, especially on the many offensive rebounds we gave him and which made the difference. Tortona is a strong team, but we didn’t come together properly to resist rebounds like we did on other occasions. The training was the same, but we didn’t have the same effectiveness. With Cremona it will have to be different.”

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