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“We are too fragile, we make many mistakes but we will know how to react”

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Mazzarri doesn’t look for excuses after the blow he suffered at the “Franchi” “The penalty changed the inertia of the match, now let’s get back up”

FLORENCE. At one point he too laid down his arms. He understood that his people did not have the strength to fight back and was forced to accept defeat. Who knows the suffering for those like Walter Mazzarri who are used to fighting and spending every last drop of energy. «At the moment we are fragile – his comment at the end of the race -, when a series of negative results arrives it is natural to suffer setbacks. It seemed like last Sunday we got out of psychological conditioning, but today the episodes didn’t help us. We were initially playing on par with Fiorentina. Then after that rather strange penalty the inertia of the match changed, the second goal cut our legs completely ».

The helmsman of the rossoblù boat knows that after the shipwreck he has to plug up his wounds but time is short. «In the interval – he adds – I asked the boys to reset what happened in the first half and try to restart strong. But the third goal arrived immediately and at that point it was difficult, even for a team more calm than ours, to react against a Fiorentina with such confidence, also loaded by their fans ».

Absences cannot be an alibi but it is beyond question that Cagliari cannot afford to give up many players all at once. «We made a lot of mistakes, but beyond that, we know we have to work a lot. We have to play the ball better, not lose it in transition. We were aware of it even before, even more after today’s race. Because their goals came from these situations. I do not want to regret the absent, but it is true that I had to resort to forced changes (Caceres, bruised ankle; Nandez discomfort in the left thigh flexor ed). But there is no doubt that in certain moments of the match we have to be more lucid and more determined ».

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There is no time to lick the wounds and try to heal them. Especially because the midweek shift requires you to reset everything quickly and focus on the next task. “From tomorrow we will count the players available for Wednesday’s match against Roma – says Mazzarri, shaking his head and hoping that someone can respond present. «I hope to be able to convey past concepts before the match against Sampdoria – he concludes in the press room -. We will benefit from playing in front of our audience, I hope you give us a hand as it happened last Sunday. We need it, the boys must feel the affection and be encouraged in this very delicate phase of the season. We have to grit our teeth, offer all together a nice character response to overcome the momentac. I have faith in the qualities of these guys and I hope that luck will finally decide to give us a hand ».


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