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“We limit ourselves to informing the League”

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“We limit ourselves to informing the League”

Mario Passetti, dg rossoblù, confirms that the club receives complaints continuously

CAGLIARI. The Cagliari fans are outraged. Not for the defeat against Lazio, but for the commentaries that define without mincing words: “Faziose”. Too much emphasis on the plays and goals of the biancocelesti, soft tones, almost soft if the opportunities happen to the rossoblùs. «Our supporters – explains Mario Passetti, general manager of Cagliari – point out to us through social media or with telephone calls at the headquarters, that the comments are not balanced. They complain that to see the games they pay the same subscription as those who cheer for the big names. We are at the stadium and, of course, we cannot hear the commentary ».

The Cagliari supporters did not go down with this comment in the live broadcast from Dazn: “Felipe Anderson ate the Cagliari defense, he looked like he was on a five-a-side football pitch.” And they ask themselves: «But if he had dribbled Bonucci and Chiellini, would the terminology have been the same?

“We listen to the fans and we limit ourselves to reporting these things to Lega A which sells the football product,” adds Passetti, who remains cautious on the subject. Understandable attitude, considering that there is an almost daily relationship with commercial televisions.

Since Sky has only three Serie A games and the rights have moved to Dazn, season tickets have dropped. There are many who threaten not to renew them if the commentaries, they say, continue to be biased. “I limit myself to ascertaining – concludes Passetti – that if this were the case, it would be to the detriment of the calcium product”.

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The fact remains that the Cagliari fans are not happy and ask themselves another question: “Why is the technical comment always entrusted to a former member of the most important team?”. (r.m.)

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