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“We the favorites? Who knows But we only played a third of the season “

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For some they are the surprise of the tournament, others expected them so high. Here is the Fiori Barp you don’t expect.

De Battista, are you the favorites then?

«It changes little to me whether or not I have the underdogs, and I believe all coaches in general. On the pitch we start on an equal footing ».

How are the kids experiencing the primacy?

“Good. Above all, I keep seeing them working hard. And this is a satisfaction for me, for my deputy Matteo Brino, for the goalkeeper trainer Nico Della Vecchia and for Andrea Da Poian, who is an athletic trainer and whose arrival has undoubtedly given a touch of professionalism ».

Often the concept of a group comes out of his words …

«Because football is a team sport, and if you practice it you have to be able to appreciate the positive sides of those around you and put aside the negative ones. In a season, ups and downs happen, but you always have to behave seriously. I see that group we are talking about strong, also consolidated perhaps by some discontent that may have been there during the weeks. We lost a couple of players and I’m sorry. But perhaps it is a natural consequence of being many. Certainly the large squad was a desired aspect from the beginning ».

Was today’s race decisive?

“There are still two thirds of the championship left …”.

You often praise the opponent coach, Parteli.

«I consider him a point of reference among the Belluno coaches. Even now, if I need a comparison, I have no problems contacting him ».

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Injured or out of the game?

«Zanvettor is disqualified, De Mattia and Celentin out, more than doubts regarding Tonus and Fant. But woe to look for alibis. It’s already nice to think about the thrill of playing in front of such an audience. If we then think about how we were a year ago … ». –

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