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Weather alert from Campania to Sicily: areas at risk of storms – Meteo

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Weather alert from Campania to Sicily: areas at risk of storms – Meteo

August 11, 2022 – Another day of weather alert in the Center South, already hit by violent storms in the last two days. The notice of the Civil protection for hydrogeological and hydraulic risk (ordinary criticality) valid today, 11 August it concerns once again Campania , Basilicata , Sicily , Calabria and much of the Sardinia . The fault of a cyclonic area centered on Eastern Europe which determines in our country, especially in the Center and in the South, conditions of instability: probable heavy rains, especially in the inland areas close to the Apennines and especially in the afternoon, when the mid-day heat contrasts with the cool currents, with hail, strong winds, and lightning. Here are the forecasts.

In Campania the yellow alert will last until 9 pm tonight but the disturbance will persist in the region until next Saturday, with thunderstorms with probable lightning and hail. It warns against possible flooding, falling trees, poor visibility, especially along the Apennine ridge on the border with the Basilicata . In the past few hours the rains in Campania have been violent, flooding the town of Monteforte Irpino , in the province of Avellino, where mudslides have invaded the streets, dragging the cars with them. In anticipation of today’s bad weather, the mayor asks citizens not to go out in the afternoon except for emergencies and to avoid putting their cars in places at risk. “Let’s hope it rains less today, otherwise all hell will happen here”. Governor Vincenzo De Luca has asked for a state of calamity.

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Beware of afternoon thunderstorms in Sicily , where the alert will last until midnight today. The rains will particularly affect the central-eastern sectors, where even moderate accumulations are expected.

Also in Sardinia is alert until midnight today: the warning relates to the areas of Iglesiente e Campidano , Montevecchio Pischinappiu , Flumendosa Flumineddu e thyrsus .

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