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Weather forecast, bad weather returns. Snow on the plains: hypotheses are chasing each other

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Rome, November 20, 2021 – Le forecast of tomorrow, Sunday 21 November, confirm a weekend finale characterized by a worsening of time in several regions, following the approach of an Atlantic disturbance. The atmospheric turn will be the prelude to a start next week under the banner of bad weather. Which could lead to totally winter scenarios next weekend.


Proceeding in order, the iLMeteo.it team warns that, after a morning still foggy in the Po Valley, a increased cloudiness on the North West sectors (especially in Liguria), on Sardinia and Tuscany. In these areas the sky is increasingly covered will give birth to rains starting in the afternoon, with the subsequent involvement of Lazio, Campania and most of Sicily, with sometimes strong showers (details at the bottom of the article). In the late evening, the front will expand a little across the North, albeit with fairly weak phenomena. On the rest of the country it will continue to prevail the sundespite a greater presence of clouds.

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According to the latest updates, the new week will bring a dowry showers e temporal, due to a cyclonic vortex positioned on the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is also confirmed by the experts of 3BMeteo, who for lMonday 22nd November they speak of “widespread cloud cover over a large part of the boot” with “rains concentrated above all on the Tyrrhenian side, as well as in Sardinia and on stretches of the Po Valley”. The arrival of a probable Arctic raid in the following days it could then open a phase of winter mold, with increasingly stiffer temperatures and the possibility of snowfall at lower and lower altitudes.

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Until next weekend. Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 in fact, November – according to a possible scenario traced by ilMeteo.it – ​​”a real army of cold winds will move to conquer the most southern latitudes”. The consequence will be that “the icy winds will carry an intense cloud mass which, entering the port of the Bora, could bring the snow up to the plains of Emilia Romagna and lower VenetoHowever, the temporal distance is still relevant, therefore, the experts underline, the updates of the data centers must be followed.

However, 3bmeteo also puts forward the hypothesis: “Towards the end of the week the cold air could outclass the Iberian vortex and go more directly towards the central Mediterranean”. If this project goes through “then Italy will be hit by cold air and the climate will take on completely winter characters. But this hypothesis will have to be confirmed ”


Mists in the morning on the Po Valley, followed by a general increase in cloud cover in all regions, with rains between Piedmont and north-eastern Liguria. By evening, precipitation spread almost everywhere. Maximum temperatures: 15 ° in Genoa, 8 ° in Turin, 10 ° in Milan.


Fog and clouds on the plains between Veneto and Emilia Romagna; sunnier on the alpine and pre-alpine reliefs. Weak scattered rainfall in the late evening. Maximum temperatures: 13 ° in Bolzano, 9 ° in Bologna, 8 ° in Venice.

Center and Sardinia

Worsens on Tuscany and Sardinia with showers and local thunderstorms (especially in Versilia) from the afternoon. Towards evening phenomena in extension on the coasts of Lazio. Sunnier on the Adriatic side. Maximum temperatures: 17 ° in Cagliari, 13 ° in Florence, 16 ° in Rome.

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South and Islands

Mostly stable and sunny day throughout the South, but with worsening by evening on Campania and Sicily, accompanied by heavy showers. Maximum temperatures: 17 ° in Naples, 19 ° in Bari and Palermo.

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