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Westbrook’s embarrassing debut has foreshadowed years of single-core team leaving hidden dangers jqknews

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Original title: Wei Shao’s embarrassing debut has foreshadowed years of single-core team leaving hidden dangers

After completing his Lakers debut in a terrible state, Westbrook was pushed to the forefront by public opinion. Joining the Lakers, a super giant with the sole goal of winning, Westbrook probably had done it well every minute. The preparation for living in the spotlight, however, due to the 2 points and 6 turnovers in his first show is too dazzling, presumably he is currently under pressure that he has not faced in his entire career.

In fact, fans who are familiar with Westbrook’s play can guess that after joining the Lakers, the distribution of ball rights between Westbrook and James will inevitably be a bit troublesome. Both of them are core organizations with strong offensive ability and average outside shooting ability. Compared with James, Westbrook’s long-range shooting ability is obviously worse, so when the ball is in the hands of James, Westbrook’s role on the court is almost zero. What makes Westbrook more embarrassed is that in the last game, even if the ball was in his own hands, he seemed at a loss. Many low-level errors made Lakers fans quite worried.

In fact, from the beginning of his career, Westbrook’s playing style paved the way for his current plight. When he first entered the league, Westbrook was willing to play the role of Durant’s younger brother. He didn’t need to use too much brains, as long as the ball was handed over to Durant, everything would be fine. With the continuous growth of his physical strength and technical level, his personal offensive power began to approach the league’s top level, but his basketball IQ did not keep up with the growth rate of his skills, so that he became a brave and intrepid. “Fake point guard.”

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After 2015, Durant first suffered from injuries and then left the Thunder. This made Westbrook become accustomed to single-core leadership, and even firmly grasped every ball in his own hands. The data began to soar and became a historical triple-double madman, but at the same time it also made him accustomed to putting personal data above the team’s wins and losses.

After leaving Durant, Westbrook teamed up with Paul George, Harden, Bill and other All-Star teammates, but they failed to succeed, and Westbrook’s stubborn play has always become an important reason for the team’s failure. After 30 years of age, Westbrook could no longer defeat his opponent with his explosive physical fitness, but he did not make the transition to technical flow in a timely manner like other veterans, but still held a lot of ball rights. As a result, the efficiency is getting lower and lower, and there are more and more mistakes. This is also the main reason for his displacement in recent years. From the Rockets to the Wizards, even Westbrook’s own fans have gradually reduced their demands. Even last season they were pleased with his bottoming performance. Last season, he officially surpassed Oscar Robertson and became the NBA history triple-double. At that time, the praise he received hit his face, which seemed to make him indulge in the pursuit of bright data, and gave up the exploration of more efficient game methods.

After joining the Lakers, the pressure of public opinion on Westbrook will inevitably increase exponentially. In the Wizards, just leading the team to the playoffs can get praise, but in the Lakers, even if they reach the finals, they only reach The lowest expectations of the fans. It is obviously an impossible task to expect a veteran who has done a big deal for several years to completely change his style of play and improve his efficiency in just one season. This requires the Lakers from the coaching staff to their teammates. Together, we help Westbrook find a game that suits him. Since he cannot be changed, we will use his existing abilities to help the team as much as possible. (Jeremyliu)Return to Sohu to see more

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