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What are the bright spots besides Huazi’s maximum salary? _season_bain_contract

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What are the bright spots besides Huazi’s maximum salary? _season_bain_contract

Original title: What are the highlights besides Huazi’s maximum salary in the 20th session of early contract renewal?

Earlier today, it was reported that Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards has changed to a new agency, and he has only one purpose in doing so, that is, to hope that the contract extension negotiations with the Wolves during the offseason can be successfully reached. To the goal of the maximum salary contract.

According to the labor-management agreement, Huazi is eligible to renew a five-year $203 million maximum salary contract with the Timberwolves. If next season, he can be selected to the best team and activate the designated rookie contract clause, then this contract can be upgraded to a maximum of five years. $244 million.

Of course, not only Edwards, but most of the top rookies in the 2020 class will also take action this summer to try to complete the contract extension with their home team. Just based on the actual performance of the past three years, the prospect of contract renewal for these young people is also different…

According to preliminary judgments, there may be only two 2020-level stars who are eligible to get the maximum salary extension contract this summer. In addition to Edwards, the other is Halliburton, the core of the Pacers.

This season, Edwards averaged 24.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.6 steals per game. He is already the top scorer of the Wolves. In addition, in terms of the number of games played (79 games) and playing time (36 minutes per game), he is also worthy of being the core of the team. As for Haliburton, he is already an all-round point guard averaging 20.7 points and 10.4 assists per game. Among the new generation of young stars, he is already a representative of the No. 1 position.

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The 20th-level prospect LaMelo Ball also secured a core position in the Hornets, but unlike Huazi and Halliburton, the health of the three goals is relatively poor. In a game in February this year, Sanqiu was suddenly injured and retired without confrontation in an attack. He was diagnosed with a severe right ankle fracture. He only played for 3 years in his career. Sanqiu has been reimbursed twice due to serious injuries. This is destined to become a concern for the Hornets to renew his contract.

With three goals in the second echelon of contract extension prospects, there are Bain of the Grizzlies and Maxi of the 76ers. In the third season of his career, Bain has become the uncompromising No. 2 leader in Memphis, averaging 21.5 points per game and his output is extremely stable. In addition, as a high-quality shooter, Bain’s three-point shooting percentage in his career has always remained above 40%. And compared to star player Morant, Bain has a calmer personality, and these traits will become his advantage in renewing his contract with the Grizzlies. Still very big.

Maxi’s position in the 76ers is somewhat delicate. In name, he has been the third head of Philadelphia since last season. However, his style of running on the court is somewhat contrary to Embiid’s habit of playing positional warfare, and there is still no stable benchmark to judge his actual combat value. However, since Harden may leave Philadelphia this summer and return to Houston, if Harden does leave, then Philadelphia’s willingness to renew Maxey will actually increase.

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Compared with the rookies in the previous two sessions, the top talents in the 2020 class are indeed not particularly large. However, in addition to the above two echelons, there are still many young people who have found their foothold in their respective teams and have become irreplaceable figures in the rotation system.

For example, the Spurs’ German Vassell has averaged 18.5 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.1 steals per game this season. Although due to injuries, Vassell only played 38 regular season games. But under Popovich’s training, the improvement of his actual combat ability and the improvement of his role in the team are visible to the naked eye.

Also reused this season is Knicks guard Emmanuel Quikley. As the team’s super sixth man, he played 81 games in the regular season and averaged 14.9 points per game. At the end of the season, Quikley was selected as a three-man candidate list for the best sixth man, and this will also become a huge bargaining chip for him to negotiate a contract extension with the Knicks this summer.

Finally, there are some players who do not yet have the prospect of contract renewal at this stage, but they still hold the last turning point in their hands. For example, escaped from the Warriors’ complex system this season and regained confidence in the Pistons No. 2 pick Wiseman. Although he played for the Pistons, Wiseman couldn’t experience too much pleasure of winning because of the weak overall strength of the team. But at least, he has gained more attention personally in the new environment. After switching to the Pistons, Wiseman averaged 12.7 points and 8.1 rebounds per game. Renewing the contract in advance, he still has the possibility of getting a good contract by next summer…

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In addition, Trey Jones of the Spurs, Patrick Williams of the Bulls, Stewart of the Pistons, Okongwu of the Eagles, Afdia of the Wizards, and Martin Jr. of the Rockets, these 20-level young people also have their own teams this summer. Opportunity to renew contract. From a common sense point of view, the performance of the past three years is the biggest capital for these players to ask for their respective prices, but on the other hand, as this year’s “Mr. Almost”, they also need more wisdom and skills in the negotiation process… ( Poirot)Return to Sohu to see more

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