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What happened between Gignac and Siboldi’s assistant?

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What happened between Gignac and Siboldi’s assistant?

Tigres tied 1-1 against Atlas in a game that left fans talking about a heated moment between André-Pierre Gignac and Miguel Fuentes. It was rumored that Gignac demanded to be taken off the field, but Siboldi’s assistant clarified that they were simply exchanging views on the game.

Fuentes acknowledged that the team is struggling to find offensive ideas and collective functioning. He expressed optimism for their upcoming game against FC Juárez, stressing the need for improvement despite the lack of time.

The team is facing issues with their playing style, making mistakes that cost them goals. Despite their efforts to be aggressive, they struggle to maintain possession and face challenges in playing out from the back.

It is clear that Tigres have some work to do to improve their performance on the field. Fans will be watching closely to see if they can bounce back in their next game.

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