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What is the significance of the Warriors renewing Wigginspool’s contract with the Big Three? _season_contract_young

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What is the significance of the Warriors renewing Wigginspool’s contract with the Big Three? _season_contract_young

Original title: What is the meaning of the Warriors’ renewal of Wigginspoor’s contract with the Big Three?

Earlier today, Woj reported that sources revealed that the Warriors have completed two major contract extensions. They first reached a four-year contract with Jordan Poole worth $140 million in advance; then they reached a four-year, $109 million contract with Andrew Wiggins.

After the extension, the Warriors’ salary total will soar further. By next summer, if Dream Chaser Green chooses to exercise the player option, the Warriors’ book of 12 players will have a combined salary of $215 million next season and a luxury tax of $268 million.

The Warriors management is, of course, well aware of such luxury tax pressures, as well as the operational risks associated with re-signing Wiggins and Poole ahead of schedule. However, under multiple pressures and after a lot of thinking, the management finally chose to take all the risks and renewed their contracts at this special point before the start of the new season.

Poole and Wiggins both played a very important role in winning the title last season. In the regular season last season, Poole’s scoring average soared to 18.5 points per game. Especially in the days when Curry and others were absent, he became the team’s number one scorer. During this period, he scored 20+ points in 17 consecutive games. Warriors history. In addition, Poole had 10 30-point games last season, the first Warriors player at age 22 (or younger) to do so since Monta Ellis in 2007-08.

Wiggins’ value in the Warriors can’t be ignored either. Last season, his form was getting better. Especially in the playoffs, Wiggins fully released his offensive and defensive potential. On the defensive end, he took full advantage of his physical talent to successfully limit the performance of Doncic and Tatum on the stage of the Western Conference finals and finals, and made great contributions to the Warriors winning the championship. In addition, last season, Wiggins also made the All-Star team for the first time in his career, and was selected as a starter.

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In terms of contract renewal details, Poole renewed his contract ahead of schedule on the basis of his rookie contract. His new contract basically matches the Heat’s sixth man, Tyler Herro, and the total salary of $140 million is also fully in line with the requirements of many previous veterans. predict. But Wiggins’ new contract comes at a salary sacrifice. You know, “Brother Mouth” will earn $33.62 million next season. But after the extension, his starting salary in the first year of his new contract is only $24.3 million.

After renewing the two contracts, although the salary pressure of the Warriors has further increased, at least this operation can create a stable environment for the Warriors to compete in the next season, and also inject new impetus into the team’s defense in the new season.

Of course, after the two renewed their contracts, there were also some follow-up effects. First, the early renewals of Wiggins and Poole have greatly reduced the prospect of renewals for veterans in the team. Next, it is very difficult for Dream Chasing Green and Klay Thompson to get an ideal renewal offer.

According to the provisions of the labor-management agreement, Dream Chasing and Clay are also eligible to renew their contracts in advance. However, considering the age of the two and the declining trend of the two meritorious players, the Warriors were very difficult to provide them with new contracts. Until now, the management has been using “delay tactics”.

Now, with Poole and Wiggins completing their contract extensions, the prospect of the second-old’s contract extension has become more elusive. Compared to Wiggins’ situation, they can only choose to reduce their salary in the future and sacrifice part of their salary in exchange for the opportunity to stay behind. In addition, as veterans of the four crowns, the emotional cards of the two are the last chips in their hands.

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In fact, on the issue of contract renewal, the Warriors were not so rushed. But a few days ago, Dream Chaser Green’s malicious attack on Poole during training accelerated the team’s operation. To a certain extent, the Warriors resolved this crisis within the team through two contract renewals, especially the early renewal of Poole. However, as young people get new contracts one after another, the interests of chasing dreams have been completely sacrificed.

After being dejected, Meng Chasing should also realize that his status in the Warriors is not what it used to be. If he causes trouble again because of emotional out of control, or because of dissatisfaction with the treatment, the Warriors will not only not satisfy his contract renewal. request, and probably will put him on the shelf.

Plus, with Wiggins and Poole re-signing, the Warriors are finally signaling the future. In fact, since losing the championship in 2019, some experts have suggested that the Warriors should make a big change and spend more energy on the training of young people. But later, at the request of veterans such as Curry, the Warriors suspended the process of rejuvenation of the team, and delaying the young people to retain the original core did indeed exchange for their fourth championship in 8 years.

But now, the Warriors don’t want to stay on the original credit book. For the healthy and sustainable development of the team, the management is ready to support young people. In the new season, Poole and Wiggins are likely to play a more important role in the Warriors system after renewing their contracts, and their successful experience has also given Cuminga, Wiseman, Moses Moody, and even younger rookies. They made a mock.

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Perhaps in the future in the Warriors, the culture of the locker room will gradually change, and a spring for the young warriors is coming… (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more


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