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What signal did Li Xiaopeng reveal after taking office with nearly a hundred people on the national football training list?

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  Original title: Nearly 100 people on the national football training list, what signal did Li Xiaopeng reveal after taking office?

On the evening of the 7th, the Chinese Football Association announced the new national football training list. 52 players have been called up. Together with the coaching team and the guarantee team, there are as many as 93 people. As Li Xiaopeng’s first training list after taking office as the coach of the national football team, what signal did it reveal?

National Football Team’s new training list.Image Source: Chinese Football Team

  “Li Jiajun” Seeks Steady Progress

From the current training list, although there are as many as 52 players selected, it can be seen that Li Xiaopeng still wants to make progress after taking office. The big frame of the national football roster remains basically unchanged. Wu Lei, Wu Xi, Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai and other major players in the top 12 matches before Li Tie coached the national football were all selected. The few changes in the big framework are Wang Gang and Wu Xinghan, both of whom are currently injured.

Of course, as far as the current reserve of Chinese men’s football players is concerned, the players under the main framework of the previous top 12 matches are basically the most preferred. Whether it is Lippi or Li Tie before, the changes to the lineup are not big.

Li Xiaopeng, who has just taken office, wants to break away from this main force framework. I am afraid that it is not realistic in a short time. The space to play is nothing more than adjusting individual main players according to his own different tactical needs. And at the end of this month, Japan’s World Preliminary 12 finals are just around the corner. In terms of time, there is not much room for adjustment.

The big national team model is ready to come out

Although the main framework is retained, judging from the entire 52-person training list, there are still many new faces. For example, 32-year-old Hou Sen, Zhao Honglue, 29-year-old Li Shenglong, 24-year-old Wei Zhen, Wang Zhifeng, and U23 players Yan Dinghao, Wu Shaocong, Gao Tianyi, Jiang Shenglong, Han Jiaqi, Liu Ruofan, Dai Weijun and so on.

In this training list, 10 players are from the Shandong Taishan team, becoming the team with the largest number of Chinese Super League nationals, followed by the Guangzhou team, which has been recruited with nine people. The Beijing Guoan team has seven players and the Shanghai Haigang has six players. Most of the national football team still originated from the Super League “BIG4”.

Based on the previous training and preparations, as many as 52 people have been called up, which is indeed a bit rare, but this is probably also a helpless move at this stage. Under the epidemic situation, the national football team was unable to conduct international warm-up matches. In addition, the domestic league has basically ended, and warm-ups with domestic clubs are not easy to achieve. Therefore, more internal confrontations can only be carried out in the big national team mode.

It is foreseeable that the big national team model will continue for some time in the future, and as this world preliminaries have gradually come to an end, the renewal of the national football team will also be put on the agenda. The young players in the big national team will be To a certain extent, it enters the main force frame of about 30 people.

Luxurious teaching assistants “bring the old with the new”

In addition to as many as 52 players being called up, the 15-person luxurious assistant coaching team is also unprecedented. Judging from their resumes, many assistants were in the players’ era, such as Sun Jihai, Zheng Zhi, Shao Jiayi, and Sun Xiang who have had a good overseas experience. Most of the team members are still international players during the World Cup in Korea and Japan. From this perspective, they will bring experience to more young internationals and play a role of “bringing new with old”.

From the perspective of coaching, Chen Yang, Yu Genwei, Li Jinyu, Zheng Zhi, Gao Yao are currently in charge of domestic clubs, but apart from Chen Yang who has many years of experience in coaching Chinese Super League teams, other assistant team members have experience and resumes in coaching positions. They are not too rich.

Of course, for Li Xiaopeng, who has just taken over the national football team, the presence of so many old teammates and partners will help to enter the role of the national football coach and carry out his work, but it will take time for the team to prepare for the game. test. (Bian Liqun)


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