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what timed expulsion is and how it works – breaking latest news

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what timed expulsion is and how it works – breaking latest news

by Salvatore Riggio

the International Football Association Board ready to give the OK. The new rule provides 10 minutes off for tactical fouls and excessive protests. It could be tested in the English FA Cup

Football is preparing to enter the future. Try to do it with a new revolutionary rule: according to what the Telegraph anticipates, the International Football Association Board (Ifab) is ready to shortly announce the introduction of the blue card as a new tool available to referees to impose a sanction on players during a match football match. A new rule that would have already been approved by the Ifab and which provides for the timed expulsion of a player: the blue card will be shown by the match officials to remove from the field for 10 minutes the players who are responsible for tactical fouls and excessive protests.

The case study will be limited to these two situations only. It won’t be about whether or not a foul was bad. An important circumstance to clarify because in the past there had been talk of an orange card which could be intermediate between yellow and red. Furthermore, the protocol states that a player will be sent off if he receives two blue cards, as when he is removed from the pitch for receiving yellow cards.

A new rule that will be tested in some competitions. Among these, explains the Telegraph, there could be the FA Cup and the women’s FA Cup. In January, UEFA president Ceferin said he was against the introduction of a new card: No more football, was his comment. Just today Ceferin made it known that he does not want to run again in 2027: I didn’t say it because I didn’t want to influence Congress. I have a good life in football, but also outside. I am tired of this senseless project of the Super League, of those who proclaim themselves as moral authorities, in short the Slovenian’s thoughts.

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