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Whatsapp, new functions: leave groups silently (and without embarrassment)

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Whatsapp, new functions: leave groups silently (and without embarrassment)

No more embarrassments: soon on Whatsapp you will be able to abandon a group that is considered boring or harassing without that social embarrassment that you are likely to experience now. As part of the news in terms of user privacy, Meta also announced the blocking the screenshot on ephemeral messages and the ability to choose the contacts to show if we are online. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and CEO of Meta explains in a post on Facebook: “We will continue to build new ways to protect your messages and keep them private and as safe as face-to-face conversations.”

Out of the groups in silence

So far to leave a Whatsapp group, the notification of abandonment is seen by all members of the chat: it can be an embarrassing thing both for those who leave the group and for other users.
To deal with this much-felt ‘problem’, Meta explains in an official statement that users they will be able to leave a group silently, and only administrators will be notified . These are ‘privacy features’ that the company is implementing in the messaging app, along with the one that allows you to delete a message up to two days after sending.

Stop invasive screenshots

There is another news coming to Whatsapp. After taking from Snapchat the idea of ​​ephemeral messages that disappear after an hour, Meta is testing another feature typical of Snapchat: it is a feature that allows you to prevent screenshots for ephemeral message images. It should arrive shortly, although it may not necessarily solve the problem of the circulation of unwanted messages: users can still take a picture of the display with another mobile phone. In any case, it is made more difficult to save and distribute images destined to last a few seconds.

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A third update is coming to Meta’s messaging platform, namely the limitation of the possibility of see when your contacts are online . You can choose who can see if we are active on Whatsapp, to protect us from the rest of the users to whom we do not want to let our activities know.

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