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When the Olympic movement meets the world civilization

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When the Olympic movement meets the world civilization

2021-11-26 11:59:33Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency reporter Niu Mengtong

On the fourth day of the New Year of Renyin, the Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off. A sports gathering where people from different regions, cultures and beliefs from all over the world gather together will be presented to the world. At that time, China Land was also ushering in a grand traditional festival-the Spring Festival, where every family gathered together and continued to write the inheritance of Chinese civilization from generation to generation.

In 2022, Beijing will realize a rare fate of crossing the eastern and western civilizations and crossing the long river of history due to the “collision” between the Olympics and the Spring Festival.

Under the guidance and support of the International Olympic Committee, the Capital Civilization Engineering Foundation and the “Civilization” magazine jointly launched the “Olympic Declaration”-Beautiful Olympic Culture Long Scroll III (hereinafter referred to as Long Scroll III), with “Olympics + Spring Festival” as The theme shows the integration and development of the festival culture of each Olympic venue and the modern Olympic movement.

The world is pluralistic and integrated, and the culture of each country is itself an important part of the Olympic culture. As the father of the modern Olympics, Coubertin, said: “The Olympics is not a competition, but a kind of cultural exchange and integration that originates from the heart.”

From Athens, Greece, the source of the spread of the modern Olympic spirit, to Paris, France, the starting point of the modern Olympic movement, to Beijing, China, the first double Olympic city in history… Scroll III runs through 23 Olympic countries and 43 Olympic host cities. Every moment of friction between Eastern and Western culture and Olympic spirit sparks.

Greek Easter, Oktoberfest, Sapporo Snow Festival, American Thanksgiving, Chinese Spring Festival… Although these festival cultures carry the history of different countries and nations, they all entrust people’s yearning for a better life and also demonstrate civilization. Variety of gestures, which coincides with the beautiful vision of the Olympic Movement, shows us that the commonality of mankind will go far beyond differences, and warmth will eventually overcome the cold winter.

The significance of the publication of Long Scroll III goes far beyond showing the world the beauty of Olympic culture. In the preface written by the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach for Scroll III, he clearly answered to the world the modern Olympic movement “where does it come from” and “where to go”. These two philosophical ultimate questions, that is, the “Olympic Declaration” is the starting point of the modern Olympic movement. Coubertin’s vision of rejuvenating the Olympic movement to make the world a better place has always been the core concept followed by the International Olympic Committee.

The calendar turned back to November 25, 1892. At the Sorbonne University in Paris, 29-year-old Coubertin passionately delivered a historic speech on “Renaissance of the Olympic Movement”, which was later called the “Olympic Declaration” by the world.

Since then, the wheels of history have rolled forward, and the Olympics have become the key to people’s beliefs, transcending barriers and conflicts, and witnessing the prosperity of world civilization.

Lou Xiaoqi, President of “Civilization” magazine, said: “From 1892 to the present, the modern Olympic movement has made important contributions to promoting world peace, promoting international connections between peoples, and inspiring young people to grow better. .”

Regarding the continuation and development of the Olympic spirit, the late IOC President Rogge mentioned in the preface written for Long Scroll II: “The spread of the Olympic spirit will not end with the end of the Olympic Games. It will start from From one Olympic city to another Olympic city.”

Just as the fire of the Olympic spirit continues to pass through the long river of historical civilization, one after another, it will never go out.

Beijing, which is about to “take over”, as the world’s first double Olympic city, will be given exceptionally important historical significance at the time of the 130th anniversary of the modern Olympic movement.

“It (Beijing) has the opportunity to connect the Summer Olympics with the Winter Olympics and the Olympic family.” Lou Xiaoqi said that Beijing has become a platform for the dissemination of Olympic culture. “The world premiere of the “Olympic Declaration” in Chinese, French and English, the release of the first set of international Olympic cultural readers, the completion of the first “Olympic Declaration Plaza” and the launch of the “Olympic Declaration”-the beautiful Olympic cultural scroll (series) It all happened in Beijing, which became the link connecting the Olympic family.”

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Olympic spirit will be passed on in various forms. When the Olympic Movement and world civilization continue to meet, people will infinitely approach the ultimate vision of “sports for a better world”.


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