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When the Serie A 2022 calendar comes out 23. Draw: date, time and where to see it – Sport

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When the Serie A 2022 calendar comes out 23. Draw: date, time and where to see it – Sport

Rome, 23 June 2022 – The dawn of the Serie A 2022-2023 it is getting closer and closer. Tomorrow, Friday 24 June at 12 noon, the draw of the Italian football championship calendar. It will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind season: the first winter edition of the World Cupprovided in Qatar between November and December 2022, it will inevitably also affect the national championships, including Serie A.

Participating teams and dates

I club who will participate in the next Serie A will be twenty: Atalanta, Bologna, Cremonese, Empoli, Fiorentina, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Lecce, Milan, Monza, Naples, Rome, Salernitana, Sampdoria, Sassuolo, Spezia, Turin, Udinese and Hellas Verona. The championship will start earlier than usual, already on August 13because of World in Qatar which will force one very long stay, from November 13th to January 4th. The other breaks, due to the commitments of the Nationalswill be from 19 to 27 September (Nations League) e from 20 to 26 March (qualifications to Euro 2024). THE midweek shifts are scheduled for August 31, November 9, January 4 and May 3. The season will end on June 4, 2023unless I finish on equal points in the championship fight or in the relegation fight: this year, in fact, play-offs will be reintroduced.

The regulation and the criteria of the calendar

Like every year, there are many i criteria which must be respected for the stipulation of the calendar from A league. Let’s see them together.

– Considered the asymmetrical calendara match will not have its return before others have been played 8 meetings;
– There cannot be more than two pairs of consecutive home and / or away matches per group;
– In the event that there are two pairs of consecutive matches at home and / or away, one match pair must necessarily be at home and the other away;
– In the four midweek shifts on weekdays they cannot be played i derby in Milan, Turin, Rome, Tuscany and Campania, in addition to the matches between Atalanta, Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Milan, Naples and Rome;
– At the before and on the last day they cannot be programmed i derby. These must in any case take place on different days;
– No match can be repeated (same match on the same day, with the same home / away order) with respect to the 2021/2022 calendar;
– On the first day, regardless of the home / away order, clubs that have already met on the first day of the two previous championships cannot meet;
– On the last day, clubs that have already met on the last day of the two previous championships cannot meet, regardless of the home / away order;
– The companies participating in the Champions League (Milan, Inter, Juventus, Napoli) cannot be drawn with clubs participating in theEuropa League (Lazio and Rome) and to the Conference League (Fiorentina) in the days following a shift of Europa League/Conference League.

The first day of last season

As specified in one of the numerous criteria, the same matches cannot be repeated on the same day of the 2021/2022 season. This was the first day of Serie A played less than a year ago, between 21 and 23 August 2021.

Inter Genoa 4-0
Verona 2-3 Sassuolo
Turin 1-2 Atalanta
Empoli-Lazio 1-3
Udinese-Juventus 2-2
Bologna 3-2 Salernitana
Roma-Fiorentina 3-1
Naples-Venice 2-0
Cagliari-Spezia 2-2
Sampdoria-Milan 0-1

In home Juventus it was, among other things, the last match in the black and white jersey of Cristiano Ronaldo, who married Manchester United a few days later. Against Udinese CR7 he scored at the last second, but the goal was canceled due to an offside position.

The draw: host, time and where to see it on TV

Il draw of the Serie A 2022/2023 calendar will take place tomorrow, Friday 24 Junestarting from 12. It will be presented and conducted by Pierluigi Pardo, a prominent DAZN commentator and journalist, who will broadcast live the event and, obviously, all the matches of the next championship. Viewing of the draw will also be available for free On the canal YouTube Lega Serie A. Representing the latter there will be the President Lorenzo Casini and the Chief Executive Officer Luigi of servant. On the other hand, the managers of Serie A clubs will not be present, as was the case in previous seasons.

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