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Where is the Selectivity more difficult?

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Where is the Selectivity more difficult?

06/08/2023 at 08:00


The average results of the university entrance exams in different autonomous communities show considerable differences between them

The Ebau, the old SelectivityIt is one of the key moments in the life of any student with aspirations to pursue a university degree. Despite the fact that passing it is not usually the problem, since in almost all the autonomous communities there was a percentage of students who passed it above 90%, in most cases passing 5 is not the objective of the students, but who need to achieve a cut-off grade that allows them to enroll in the studies they want. That will be the case of many of the Baccalaureate students who this 2023 face the Selectividad with their sights set on certain careers.

And, although it is true that students can enroll in any university, at their choice, the Ebau do present differences between them, in some cases notorious. Thus, it is possible that studying in La Rioja (with a 98% pass rate and an average grade of 7.2 according to the Ministry of Universities) opens more doors than doing it in Galicia (which presents much lower figures, 88% pass rates and an average grade of 6.4). The difficulty of the test is not the only factor, obviously, but, with the statistics in hand, which are the places where the Selectividad is more difficult?

Leaving out the numbers of distance learning students (by far the worst, with barely 81% of students passing the test and an average grade of 6.1, the lowest in the country), there are two autonomous communities in which it seems clearly more complicated to obtain brilliant results in the Ebau. Is about Galicia and the Canary Islands, especially in the Galician case, with the lowest pass rate in Spain in 2022, in addition to having only 2.8% of outstanding grades. The Canaries, although only 88.66% of students have passed, have gone up a bit in the percentage of outstanding grades (6.7%) and have a slightly higher average grade of 6.7. It also highlights balearesnot because of the number of students who pass (94%), but because of their average grade, the lowest in the country with only 6.3.

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Selectividad data 2022 by autonomous communities


The Andalusians boast numbers that do not stand out excessively high or low. With a 92.94% pass rate, the most relevant data for this community in the 2022 Selectivity exam was its high number of outstanding grades, 8.9%, the fifth best in the country. His average grade was 7, tied with Navarrese and the Basques.


Nor do the Aragonese have reason to worry, with figures in the middle of the table in all categories. In 2022 they had a 94.88% pass rate and an average grade of 6.8, while 5.4% of the students obtained an average grade of outstanding.

Canary Islands

In the case of the Canaries, the data for outstanding scores (6.7%) and the average grade (6.7) for 2022 do not stand out especially. However, they do have the second worst data among all the autonomous communities in percentage of approvals. Only 11,013 students out of the 12,288 who took the test managed to pass the test, 89.62%. Only Galicians worsened their percentage, in addition to distance students.


Considering the numbers, Cantabria is one of the best places where a student can do the Ebau. Their pass rate is 94.88%, close to the Spanish average, but they have the third best number of A’s (9.4%) and the third best average grade, 7.1, tied with the Asturians.

Castilla la Mancha

Somewhat below the average, the people from La Mancha registered a 92.53% pass rate in 2022, with an average grade that stayed at 6.5 (the third worst after Galicians and Canaries) and 4.5% of students with an A in selectivity.

Castile and Leon

The Castilians boast magnificent numbers, one of the best in Spain. Its 97.24% pass rate and 9.9% grades are only surpassed by the data from La Rioja and Asturias, respectively. His average note is also remarkable, tied for first place with the La Riojans with a 7.2.

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Located in the middle of the table in passing (94.76%) and in average grade (6.8), the Catalans have, however, the fourth worst mark in the percentage of outstanding in 2022, with only 4.3%.

Madrid’s community

The people of Madrid have some numbers in 2022 that place them somewhat below average. Its discreet 92.5% pass rate is accompanied by an average grade of 6.7 and 5.2% of outstanding grades, placing it as one of those autonomies in which it can be more difficult to achieve the result you want at the Ebau.


Although their percentage of outstanding grades was below average with 5.2%, students from Navarre achieved the fifth best average grade (7) tied with Andalusians and Basques, and were among those who passed the most, with 96.23%. (the fifth best data in the country).

Valencian Community

The Spanish Levante was in the 2022 Selectivity a land of contrasts. Its outstanding numbers (barely 2%, the second worst data in Spain) and its average grade (6.6, the fourth worst) would speak of a community in which the test was exceptionally hard… until we looked at the number of passes, which is, with 96.48%, the fourth best figure in the country.


Extremadura had a good number of students with outstanding marks in the Ebau 2022 (8.4%) and had an average grade of 6.8, right in the middle of the table. However, its pass rate is only 92.2%, the fourth worst in Spain.


Galicia was one of the places in our country where its students obtained the worst data in the Selectividad of 2022. Leaving out those who did it remotely, only 12,472 of the 14,067 students who applied passed, 88.66%, the worst country data. They also had mediocre results in terms of average grade (6.4, only above the Balearic Islands) and in percentage of outstanding grades (2.8, surpassing the Balearic Islands and Valencians).

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If the Galicians had a tough Ebau in 2022, the Balearic Islands are not far behind. They were the worst in average grade (6.3) and in number of outstanding (1.9%, even below distance students), although they found relief in an average number of passes, with 94.02%. Similar results in terms of their disparity to those of the Valencian Community, but lower in all categories, which speaks of autonomy with a considerably tough test.

The Rioja

If there had been a Selectividad championship in 2022, the students of La Rioja would have had many options to win the title of winners. They achieved the best data in average grade (7.2, the same as those of Castilla y León) and in percentage of approvals (a sensational 98.03%), and they were fourth in the number of outstanding students with 9%. , below only Asturians, Castilian-Leonese and Cantabrians.

Basque Country

The performance of the Basques was one of the best in Spain, with the third highest pass rate (96.8%) and the fifth best average grade (7, equaled with Andalusians and Navarrese), although their 4.7% of Outstanding students remain in the lower third of the table.


Asturian students also stood out in 2022. Although only 4,708 of the 4,989 who took the exam passed (94.37%), their average grade was very high (7.1, the third best in Spain tied with the Cantabrians) and they led the country in percentage of students with an outstanding average with a striking 12%.


The Murcian data in average and outstanding grades (6.9 and 8.2%, respectively) are average, although its percentage of passes was the third lowest in Spain with only 90.36%.

distance students

Of the 422 students who applied in 2022, only 81.28% (343) passed. In addition, their average grade was the worst in the country (6.1) and they had the second fewest A’s (2%), which clearly speaks volumes about the difficulty involved in facing a test as crucial as the Ebau de this form.

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