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which ones and when you can eat them

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which ones and when you can eat them

It’s not about intermittent fasting, but about eating carbohydrates intermittently to lose weight: a stop to those based on starch, the ones most feared by those on a diet, at certain times of the day. It’s like filling up with energy without thinking about the amount of carbohydrates, and without stopping eating for the rest of the day: this is one of the rules of the Bianchini Method which is enjoying considerable success.

Intermittent carbohydrates to lose weight: here’s when you can eat them

“There is a biochemical mechanism that limits the time of intake of starchy carbohydrates, namely those in pasta, rice, bread and pizza. The best time for the best intake corresponds to the morning, between 7 and 8.30 and the explanation comes from the production of cortisol by our body – intervenes Paolo BIANCHINI, nutritional and nutraceutical consultant from Salò, and author of the method of the same name – who this phase of the day peaks. The purpose is to provide the body with the energy it needs to face the day. In this way it is possible to biochemically process the starch and therefore the glucose of which the pasta is composed. Otherwise it would cause an insulin imbalance and related inflammatory consequence on the cells as well as an increase in fat mass.”

An intelligent stop without giving up change and without scales

“My Method’s intermittent fasting only involves starchy carbohydrates, which many of my patients could never give up. By doing so they can eat it in unlimited quantities with the only restriction linked to the time slot. Proteins and other carbohydrates such as those of vegetables continue to be present in the diet of my already highly appreciated Method. Why appreciated? You don’t use scales, you don’t count calories, you don’t take medications, you don’t buy particular products and you don’t need to do physical activity. On the other hand, in addition to intermittent fasting of those carbohydrates – continues BIANCHINI – due to the immuno-balancing action of many drinks, milk, alcohol, soft drinks, juices, freshly squeezed juices, barley coffee and ginseng should be avoided. A ban that also applies to added compounds such as sugar and vinegar. No restrictions on seasonings or cooking choices and there is only a preference for certain proteins, sausages and fresh fruit.”

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The secret is the biochemical mechanism of carbohydrates

“As soon as we eat starchy carbohydrates, they are converted into glucose which causes blood sugar to rise and the pancreas is forced to secrete insulin. The pancreas is unable to process the amount of sugar and the glucose and insulin molecules remain in circulation, favoring the increase in abdominal fat. As a result – continues BIANCHINI – the calories needed to give energy to the body are no longer available and therefore fuel begins to run out. The result is that although carbohydrates are ingested, they are deposited in body fat but do not nourish us, so we are increasingly tired and hungry. Over time, insulin resistance is generated, meaning the cells no longer capture the hormone and blood sugar levels continue to rise. This is one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes. For this reason the quantity that can be consumed is unlimited until you feel full. If the food is biochemically favorable, the quantity consumed does not influence”.

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Which pasta? Long or short? Durum wheat, wholemeal or egg?

“It is important to choose it from the various types available. The egg one is preferable to the durum wheat one. I do not recommend wholemeal pasta because the fibers block the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K2) and cholesterol. My Method prefers long pasta, given that spaghetti has a low glycemic index (40), which is decidedly lower than that of short pasta, ravioli or lasagna.

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This is because – specifies BIANCHINI – the pasta making process which involves the extrusion of the pasta, determines the formation of a protective film, which contributes to slowing down the gelatinisation of the starches during cooking and therefore their digestion. I recommend cooking it to al dente – max 5 minutes for spaghetti – because this way it has a low glycemic index since the friend can be assimilated gradually”.

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Pasta or rice with which seasoning?

“To season pasta or rice, I suggest the simple and tasty combination of butter which slows down the absorption of sugars, as well as that with garlic, oil and chilli pepper or with simple tuna. Pasta carbonara is also excellent – ​​explains BIANCHINI – because it also has proteins and in this way you get the 3 essential nutrients and the hormonal balance is perfect.

Pizza yes, but which one?

“I suggest eating pizza with a protein (e.g. tuna, ham, sausage, salami, etc) – adds BIANCHINI – but without tomato which is a sugar.

Mozzarella, vegetables and obviously olive oil and spices are also fine.”

Soy, seed, wholemeal or protein bread?

“The type of bread is almost irrelevant, with the exception of those to avoid such as soya bread due to the effect of phytoestrogens and wholemeal bread. Soy bread, on the other hand, very popular in recent years, is considered a source of precious minerals, but few know that the seeds are actually toxic to animals and humans. There is nothing wrong with eating a handful of seeds to make desserts or breads, but excess is absolutely harmful to your health and waistline. The protein bread, on the other hand, is excellent – ​​continues BIANCHINI – and for those who have time to dedicate to the kitchen, there are good recipes. I also propose a version among the numerous MetodoBianchini recipes, where egg white is added to the flour mixture”.

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Sandwich stuffed with?

“What do we put in the sandwich? Raw ham is definitely worth choosing, as it is the only one made from meat and salt. As for other sausages, my Method does not limit their consumption or choice, with a simple biochemical consideration. Since the nitrites contained (useful as preservatives and colourants) can be converted into nitrites – concludes BIANCHINI – this conversion can have positive effects on general health, thanks to the action of the nitric oxide generated, which is fundamental for cardiovascular health and for correct functioning of the organs. It is important to maintain a balance in the diet, favoring sources of nitrates such as vegetables (around 80%), which offer a series of other health benefits”

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