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Who would replace Ignacio Rivero in the Blue Cross lineup?

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Who would replace Ignacio Rivero in the Blue Cross lineup?

Nacho Rivero to Miss Match Against San Luis Due to Death of His Mother

Updated on 02/10/2024 – 09:54 am CST

Nacho Rivero, the versatile player for Cruz Azul, will be absent from the upcoming match against San Luis. Unfortunately, Rivero’s mother has passed away, causing him to miss the game. This unfortunate news comes as a blow to the team as Rivero has been a constant presence on the field in the current season.

It is not officially confirmed yet, but it is unlikely that Ignacio Rivero will be available for Martin Anselmi in the match against Atlético San Luis scheduled for Saturday at the former Blue Stadium.

The question now arises as to who will replace Nacho Rivero in the Cruz Azul lineup. The Uruguayan footballer has been a key player for the team, often playing as a winger on the right and left, as well as in various midfield positions. However, his greater regularity has been as a center back on the right.

With Rivero out, Martin Anselmi has a few options to consider for the lineup. For the central defense position, Carlos Salcedo or Rafael Guerrero could be chosen. Meanwhile, to replace Rivero’s offensive contributions on the right field, Rodrigo Huescas is a likely candidate.

Huescas, a youth player for Cruz Azul, is seen as Rivero’s natural substitute, particularly for his offensive contributions. However, there is also the option to promote Willer Company, a Colombian player, to fill in as a stopper on the right.

In the recent game against Querétaro, Rivero came off as a substitute, demonstrating his role as a leader for the team. He handed the captain’s badge to his teammate Charly Rodriguez. Both Rivero and Rodriguez have been instrumental players for Martin Anselmi’s squad, solidifying their position as leaders in the team.

The absence of Ignacio Rivero will be felt in the upcoming match, but Cruz Azul will need to rely on the depth of its squad to continue their successful season.

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