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Why did Shaanxi football soar to the sky to win the men’s U18 championship?

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Why did Shaanxi football soar to the sky to win the men’s U18 championship?

2021-09-07 22:43:39Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the evening of September 7, the U18 (under 18) group of the Fourteenth National Games staged a peak duel. The Shaanxi team and the Chongqing team were in a hard fight. They could only decide the winner through a penalty kick. In the end, Shaanxi The team had the last laugh at 8:7 and won the championship. Why does Shaanxi football soar to the sky? Local youth training, blood transfusion, meticulous preparations, and logistical support have become the three key factors.

Local youth training blossoms and bears fruit

The Shaanxi U18 men’s football team competed in the 14th National Games, and Abra Khan’s overall performance was eye-catching. This core player came from the Shaanxi Laochenggen Youth Training. Last year, Abra Khan joined Henan Jianye and won his first official contract in his career. He was then selected for the National Youth Team led by Cheng Yaodong. He once scored consecutive goals and won wide acclaim in the circle and the favor of the Shanghai Haigang team. This year, he ushered in his debut in the Super League in Shanghai Seaport, and made consecutive starts. He even scored his first Super League goal against the Dalian people.

At the National Games, Abrahan, as the captain of the Shaanxi team, performed his duties on both offensive and defensive ends to win the glory of Shaanxi football. Like Abra Khan, Efeierding also came from the Shaanxi Laochenggen youth training, this season on loan from the Guangzhou team to Suzhou Soochow, and then appeared in the Chinese League. After years of unremitting efforts, the local youth training in Shaanxi has blossomed, and these two people can be regarded as the masterpieces of the youth football training in Shaanxi. “You must be able to endure loneliness when engaging in youth training, especially in collective events. You may train batches of players, and you may end up with a few top-notch players. This gold medal is of great significance and strengthens the determination of Shaanxi footballers to increase youth training! “An official of the Provincial Football Association told reporters.

Carefully prepare for competition and practice

The National Games is the highest level and largest comprehensive sports event in China. As one of the three major goals, football has a particularly fierce competition. According to the competition system, the men’s football team of the 14th National Games has two groups, U18 and U20. Abraham attaches great importance to the 14th National Games. He has stepped out of the Shaanxi football youth training system and moved to the top professional league arena, hoping to return with a gold medal. Shaanxi football. The 2021 Super League will enter the rest period in mid-August. Abraham left for Xi’an to prepare for the 14th National Games the next day after completing the nucleic acid test in Shanghai. Expectations for the Games are high.

As the host of the 14th National Games, all football teams in Shaanxi do not need to participate in the preliminaries. The lack of high-level training and testing has become a severe reality for the teams. With the coordinated efforts of the Provincial Football Association, the U18 team was able to play teaching games with multiple National Games teams of the same age in Chongqing, Shanghai, Kunming and other places. Shaanxi team meticulously prepared for the final stage and finally ushered in the harvest. The group stage defeated Sichuan, Hubei, and Chongqing, defeated Guangdong in the semi-finals, and successfully defeated the Chongqing team in revenge in the final. An official of the Provincial Football Association said with emotion: “The preliminary preparations are meticulous, and the actual combat ability has been improved by the match-based training. Now the team’s hard work has finally paid off!”

Home battle guarantee is in place

Unlike when the Shandong National Games won the gold and the Tianjin National Games won the championship, the Shaanxi football team of the 14th National Games appeared as the host. Although the home game has advantages, it also has pressure. Shaanxi Provincial Football Sports Management Center invites psychologists from Shaanxi Normal University to provide psychological counseling for each team to help players improve their self-control and play in the finals with a good attitude; the logistics support team listens to coaches and athletes’ suggestions and optimizes meals , Accommodation, etc.; in response to injuries and physical weakness, the foot management center also hired rehabilitation therapists and masseurs to ensure the combat effectiveness of the team.

“The game was too hard. We withstood the test of our mentality. Everyone really did it! Winning this championship is the result of the joint efforts of the whole team. Of course, there are many behind-the-scenes teams. They gave us preparations, training, and competition. They have all provided great help. This gold medal belongs to all those who have contributed to Shaanxi football!” A player said excitedly after the game.

The men’s U18 group won the championship. Shaanxi Football has made a good start for the 14th National Games. Next, it will go all out to compete in the women’s U18 group, the men’s U20 group and the women’s adult group. At present, in the women’s U18 group, Shaanxi “Rose” has reached the semi-finals and will compete with the Shanghai team for the final tickets on the evening of September 8. The girls are expected to continue to surprise fans.

Xi’an Newspaper Industry Reporter Wang Rui


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