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Why is bungee jumping so expensive in the Ordovician sky?

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Why is bungee jumping so expensive in the Ordovician sky?

Bungee jumping is not only a game for the brave, its thrilling degree is also proportional to the thickness of the wallet. The domestic bungee jumping project with a relatively high degree of scary, the price of one jump is not low, just like the emerging paragliders, power wings, etc. in the past two years. , has become an exclusive game for “Krypton Gold Players”.

However, the recently launched sky bungee jumping in Chongqing Ordovician has rewritten this phenomenon – more exciting jumping methods and more introverted prices, making the top-level thrilling bungee jumping an affordable project for everyone.

The krypton gold game of top bungee jumping

People always dream of being able to spread their wings and fly, so in the past two years, there have been endless amusement projects that can make people “fly”. The more frightening bungee jumps are, the higher the price seems to be.

Looking at the top bungee jumping projects in China, what impresses people is the proper krypton gold game:

The height of the Baling River Bridge bungee jump is 370 meters. It is certified by the Guinness World Records and is the world‘s highest commercial bungee jump. The cost is 3,000 yuan per person.

The 300-meter bungee jump in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon has 4 jumping points and costs 2998 yuan per person.

Macau Tower bungee jumping, 223 meters high, the representative of the city viewing tower bungee jumping, the cost is 2890 yuan / person.

Aizhai Bridge bungee jumping, the height of the bungee jumping platform is 355 meters, and the cost is 1400 yuan per person.

Such a bungee jumping project is a test of courage and wallet.

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(Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Bungee Jumping)

However, these high-consumption projects still have many fans, and the reason is very simple: such bungee jumping projects have their own characteristics. As a niche game, the more exciting it is, the more exciting it can stimulate a kind of inner “control”, and as long as there is a first bungee jumping, I just want to challenge the more exciting bungee jumping. The extreme and scarce landscape resources make people feel that its price and scarcity are matched.

The scarcity principle is the first of the ten principles of economics. What is worse in this world is not the kryptonite, but the more exciting bungee jumping project.

Guinness for Ordovician Bungy Jumping+

Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician, which ranked second in the “Beautiful Scenic Spots in China” last year on Douyin, has been swiping the screen with many projects in the “Cliff Scenic Spot”. The recently launched sky bungee jumping in the Ordovician Scenic Spot has refreshed everyone’s perception of top-level thrills. Awareness of bungee jumping.

The Ordovician Scenic Spot is the original creator of the cliff swing, step by step Jingxin and other Internet celebrity projects, and it is also the master of cliff projects. Its 70-meter-long cantilevered glass corridor has won the Guinness World Record, and the Ordovician newly launched sky bungee jumping project. , is located on this cantilevered glass corridor, making bungee jumping a “Guinness World Records +” project.

Why is bungee jumping so expensive in the Ordovician sky?

(Ordovician Sky Bungee)

The Ordovician sky bungee jumps from the front end of the cantilevered glass corridor. The landscape in front of you is not only the rolling mountains, but also the 300-meter abyss. Taking off from this slightly shaking cantilevered glass corridor, you can feel the doubleness of the air trapeze. Exciting, after the dance, you will definitely be able to understand what is “indulgence in the world“, and what is “worth the world“.

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Surprisingly, the Ordovician, an internet celebrity scenic spot with tens of billions of traffic, did not set a sky-high price for the sky bungee jumping project because of the obsession of bungee control to conquer the bungee jumping project. On the contrary, as long as the Ordovician scenic spot After making an appointment on the public account, go there and take off successfully. The Ordovician sky bungee jumping can be played for free. Everything is included in the two or three hundred tickets of the scenic spot. This ticket can play many Ordovician Internet celebrity projects, including cliff swings. , Bungee jumping, etc., sky bungee jumping belongs to “increase the amount without increasing the price”, which is completely different from the two charges of several other top bungee jumping project scenic spots.

Normalize extreme rope swing

Why did the Ordovician make the sky bungee jump project “free” to play?

It is understood that the Ordovician Scenic Spot will launch the “Extreme Rope Swing Festival” every August for three consecutive years. To the cliff, this kind of project that is even more frightening than bungee jumping, attracts brave people who like to challenge the limit to participate every year.

Although the extreme rope swing is extremely exciting, it is not a normalized project, and during the extreme rope swing festival, not everyone can play, only twenty people can play every day, and many people play every year. With regret, either didn’t notice that this “festival” missed the time, or knew the time but couldn’t get a place to play.

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Can the extreme rope swing be normalized? Facing the common voice, the Ordovician Scenic Spot clearly stated that the extreme rope swing is impossible to normalize, because after all, it is close to an “extreme project” and requires a huge professional team as technical support.

Why is bungee jumping so expensive in the Ordovician sky?

(The ultimate swing rope launched by the Ordovician for three consecutive years)

The Ordovician Scenic Spot, which can not be maintained in a normalized manner, and has always been in demand by the public, used the sky gallery to build a sky bungee jumping project. The trembling of the sky gallery and the cliffs below create a top-level thrilling experience. Bungee jumping experience, this feeling is not far from the extreme rope swing, and it can be operated normally, allowing people to play all year round, making up for the regret of not being able to “jump” on the sky gallery.

As a cliff scenic spot, there are many other cliff projects in the Ordovician period waiting for people to experience. The Ordovician scenic spot is not equal to sky bungee jumping, but also includes cliff swings, step-by-step horror and other projects. Therefore, the Ordovician scenic spot does not give Sky bungee jumping marked a high price, on the contrary, it was still “free” during this period of time, and became a spoiler of the top-level thrilling bungee jumping circle. Become a reason to visit Chongqing.

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