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Will FC Bayern shift its borders this summer?

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Will FC Bayern shift its borders this summer?

Spend little money and get far: Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel’s task is tricky. Image: Picture Alliance

The example of defender Lucas Hernández shows how difficult it is for the German champions to compete internationally. Will the club push its boundaries this summer?

In the great history of FC Bayern Munich, the French soccer player Lucas Hernández will probably only remain a minor character in a small chapter. His work: 107 games since the 2019/2020 season – that was what his body could do. Next season, it has been clear since Sunday, that he will no longer play for Bayern Munich but for Paris Saint-Germain. And yet this small chapter of the great story is also interesting for the present – because the supporting character Lucas Hernández can be used to tell quite well where the German soccer champion stood and stands in the international system.

It was a boundary shift when, in March 2019, the Munich team published the most important detail of the deal with Atlético Madrid defender Hernández. The transfer fee: 80 million euros, Bundesliga maximum, to date. And because the salary is also said to have been very good (at least 15 million euros per season), some wondered: Is this still the same FC Bayern that sent midfielder Toni Kroos away in the summer of 2014 because he – that’s what the adviser Volker wrote Struth later in his book – did not want to transfer more than 6.5 million euros per season?

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