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Wimbledon comprehensive: Sviatek defeats Nadal with a tailwind to advance – yqqlm

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  Original title: Wimbledon comprehensive: Sviatek fiasco, Nadal to advance

Women’s singles world No. 1 Sviatek’s winning streak stopped at 37 games on the 2nd. The 21-year-old Polish girl lost two sets in a row to French veteran Kone and stopped in the top 32 of Wimbledon. Nadal, who played as the No. 2 seed in the men’s singles, swept Italian Sonego in straight sets.

On the 2nd, Svyatek ushered in Kone, who played at Wimbledon for the 15th time. The audience was passive and quickly lost 4:6, 2:6.

Last year, she stopped in the round of 16 and went home earlier this year. Svyatek’s trip to the grass field Grand Slam is obviously not as good as her trip to the French Open clay court where she won two championships. She admitted after the game that she still couldn’t find the feeling on the grass, and even felt confused.

“I’ve played more and more aggressively this season, which makes me very comfortable. But here I can’t control the ball, so I can only be a little slower.” Svyatek said helplessly, everything happens on the grass Too fast, and she didn’t know how to adjust when falling behind. “Usually it’s because I have a plan and I know what changes to make, but here I don’t know how to change, I’m confused.”

Nadal, who is also better at red clay, continues to “sail” smoothly on the grassland with his rich experience. The 36-year-old Spaniard sent 27th seed Sonego 6:1, 6:2 and 6:4 in just two hours and five minutes. “This is the best match I’ve played since Wimbledon, a big improvement from before,” Nadal said. “I played more aggressively and surfed a lot.”

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The match between Australian star Kyrgios and Greek No. 4 seed Tsitsipas was “very lively”. The chattering Kyrgios tortured Tsitsipas to the point of gaffe. The latter not only hit the ball into the audience to vent his anger, but also Also aimed directly at Kyrgios. Tsitsipas, who finally won the first set, lost 1:3 and sent the latter into the second week of Wimbledon.

In addition, Chinese rookie Zheng Qinwen lost to Kazakhstan’s No. 17 seed Lebakina 0:2, stopping in the top 32 after Zhang Shuai. There will be no Chinese players in the singles match in the second week. (Reporter Zhang Wei)

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