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Wimbledon, Djokovic wins in comeback: Sinner eliminated in the quarters – Sport – Tennis

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Wimbledon, Djokovic wins in comeback: Sinner eliminated in the quarters – Sport – Tennis

Jannik Sinner he tried hard, but it wasn’t enough to beat Novak Djokovic. The blue player won the first two sets convincingly, making the most of an imprecise first part of the match of his rival. The Serbian, however, reacts and complete one incredible comeback in the next three sets. Jannik comes out in the quarter-finals of Wimbledonafter a great ride.

First set – Very complicated start for Jannik Sinnerwhich undergoes to zero the first game at the service of Djokovic. The Serbian also takes the break in the second game and takes the lead, confirming himself in the third game. The blue unlocks on his second serve, but remains 3-1 down. Sinner pick up the pace and try to find the first bar or extend the exchanges on the second. Above for 4-2, Djokovic commits two double fouls and two errors under the net, which allow the Italian to recover the break, confirmed with an excellent game at the service. The Serbian is stubborn a bit on the short balls and the rival takes the opportunity to take him another break: Sinner above for 6-5 it serves for the set and wins it, with a great comeback starting from a disadvantage of 1-4.

Second set – Sinner resumes in a big way and breaks the third game, confirmed with the second serve out of two to zero against the opponent. The blue shows a good variety of plays, trying to go too under the net and, despite some forgivable mistakes, he still holds the line for the 4-2. The Serbian commits other mistakes and fatiguebut cancel two break points, also aided by the tape. Luck comes back and Sinner finds an almost unexpected line, which gives him the 5-2 and the chance to win the set in service. The South Tyrolean commits a double fault, but the inaccuracies of the rival and his ability to immediately find the concentration allow him to conquer the game and the set: 6-2 and we go to the third.

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Third set – Djokovic opens the set to serve, keeping to zero Sinner. The South Tyrolean grants and cancels one ball break to rival, the first for over a set, and returns to 1-1. The Serbian is still in the game and takes advantage of the Italian’s first small pass to win the break of 3-1. Nole starts to burst into the corner and seeks the support of the public, which pushes him to 4-1. The blue shows a monumental mental holding: it cancels two set balls and keeps afloat below 5-3. The Serbian, however, closes the set 6-3 and extends the match.

Quarto set – Sinner begins the set with two double fouls and immediately suffers the break. The blue begins to wane, while on the other side Djokovic keep hammering and no longer make mistakes. The Serbian takes the double break. Jannik tries to stay holding on to the set and also risks hurting his ankle with a run under the net. Nole closes the partial 6-2 and goes to the fifth set.

Quinto set – Sinner opens the set to serve and keeps it effectively, but loses it in the third game. He decided a short ball that goes out on the band and allows Djokovic to get on 2-1. The Serbian confirms it at the joke, while South Tyrolean remains in the wake of 3-2. Sinner tries in every way to resist, but the rival takes the double break with an amazing backhand and with a mistake of blue in a quick shot. The set ends 6-2 in favor of Nolewho wins the match.

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