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Wimbledon, Nadal leaves Sonego no chance and beats him in three sets – Sport – Tennis

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Wimbledon, Nadal leaves Sonego no chance and beats him in three sets – Sport – Tennis

London, July 2, 2022 – If Rafa Nadal has the record of slams won, there must be a reason. He was seen today in the third round of Wimbledon in front of the blue Lorenzo Sonego, annihilated for three sets to zero. The Spaniard did not give Sonego a chance, making it clear from the very first balls how the contest would go. In fact, Nadal did not underestimate the dispute and faced the blue with the utmost concentration, which also means his best tennis: the result of 6-1, 6-2 6-3 was a natural consequence.

In the first set Nadal immediately makes it clear that it is not air, between deep and powerful rights, incisive service and goal sortie, the Spaniard addresses the dispute with the first break in the fourth game which is worth 3-1 and in general with a concrete game and I specify that it leaves no way out to Sonego. In one amen the number two of the seeding goes 5-1 with the second break and closes shortly after the partial in just 28 minutes of play. He is even worse in the second part, because Nadal continues his flawless hammering without failing in the face of a Sonego helpless, almost unable to counter the speed and rotation of the Spaniard. After eleven games the partial is 10-2, in tennis score 6-1 4-1. Sonego breaks one game more than in the first set, but Nadal does not let himself be begged and closes 6-2 after another 35 minutes of play. The game seems essentially over and Nadal is not even distracted by Sonego’s bathroom break, in fact the break comes in the first game of the third. The Majorcan does not give the blue any particular chance to return and goes 4-2, but darkness falls and then the roof is closed and the lights come on. At 4-3 Nadal conceded something and Sonego immediately took advantage of it by finding the first break of his match, 4-4. It’s a flash in the pan, Nadal immediately regains command of the match with the counterbreak and after almost two hours of play he closes 6-1, 6-2, 6-4. Sonego greets Wimbledon.

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