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Winning the second Grand Slam women’s doubles champion Zhang Shuai: Every time I broke out is not accidental

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U.S. Open defeats Gove and McNally to win second Grand Slam women’s doubles title

Zhang Shuai: Every time I break out is not accidental

In the 2021 US Open Women’s Doubles final, Zhang Shuai’s partner Stosur defeated the American combination of Gove and McNally in three sets to win the championship. This is Zhang Shuai’s second Grand Slam women’s doubles championship and the 10th women’s doubles championship in her career. At the awards ceremony, Zhang Shuai said with a smile that he was the only mainland Chinese player who insisted on participating in the US Open this year, which was very special. In fact, it was this persistence that allowed Zhang Shuai to embark on this bumpy and rewarding championship road.

Win four championships with your partner

As a partner, Zhang Shuai is qualified. During the cooperation between Zhang Shuai and Stosur, the two won four championships side by side. The 37-year-old Stosur is not only a partner on the court, but also a guide in Zhang Shuai’s life. At the beginning, Zhang Shuai experienced 14 consecutive singles outings in the Grand Slam singles match, and once had the idea of ​​retiring. At that time, it was Stosur who continued to encourage her and persuaded her not to give up and not waste her talent in tennis. Under the persuasion of his friends, Zhang Shuai persevered, and then ushered in a breakthrough in the Grand Slam arena, broke into the Grand Slam Women’s Singles quarter-finals twice, and won two Grand Slam women’s doubles titles in the Women’s Doubles arena.

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In fact, this time the US Open won, which was quite unexpected by Zhang Shuai. Starting from this year’s Cincinnati station, Zhang Shuai played with Stosur again. It was from the Cincinnati game that Zhang Shuai started the winning streak mode. It can be said that this period is the happiest time for Zhang Shuai. “I’m very happy. I can play with my best friend every day, training, competing, warming up and recovering together, no matter what we do. We will chat as we wish and say anything, it’s very natural. I can show The feeling of being true to yourself is amazing. I like this state very much, which is why I can play well. Natural and relaxed, this is the most important.” Zhang Shuai said.

Stosur did not misunderstand his partner Zhang Shuai

The 37-year-old Stosur also enjoys the straightforwardness and optimism brought by Zhang Shuai. At the awards ceremony, Stosur commented on the cooperation with Zhang Shuai and said: “She is the most positive and optimistic player I have ever partnered with. When things get tricky, she is more relaxed. Driven by this emotion Below, you may score very well.”

Stosur was right, Zhang Shuai possessed a tenacious psychological pressure. At the time when the epidemic is raging in 2020, Zhang Shuai has difficulties even getting visas, buying air tickets, and booking hotels, but she still insists on going to the United States to participate in the 2020 US Open. Even though both singles and doubles were eliminated in the first round at Cincinnati and the US Open, she is still determined to play the next French Open clay court season. During that period, Zhang Shuai was going to practice tennis at the US Tennis Stadium while waiting for his visa to Europe. She recalled: “At that time, the air tickets were expensive and could not be bought, the visa could not be processed, the hotel could not be booked in advance, and the nucleic acid was tested three times a week.”

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“Every outbreak of mine is accumulated over a long period of time”

In such adversity, Zhang Shuai, who was “a rib”, persisted. Starting from the Strasbourg station in 2020, Zhang Shuai’s efforts and persistence began to bear fruit. She reached the quarter-finals at the French Open, refreshed her clay court record, and advanced to the top 16 in doubles. “I have believed that all efforts will be rewarded since I was a child.” Zhang Shuai said.

In the 2021 season, Zhang Shuai continued to use the high standards of professional players to demand himself in the face of the unmitigated epidemic and the still strict international travel restrictions, and did not miss a big game. Out of the consideration of preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and the 14th National Games, Wang Qiang, Zheng Saisai, Xu Yifan and other players returned to China after the clay court season to prepare for the game. Zhang Shuai became the only player to abandon the National Games for the US Open. Zhang Shuai’s persistence finally paid off. Starting from the Cincinnati match, Zhang Shuai partnered with Stosur to win the women’s doubles championship. After that, the two opened a winning streak in the women’s doubles and also ushered in Zhang Shuai’s second Grand Slam trophy.

“Although I can’t compare to those greater and better players, I can compare with myself. Every outbreak of mine is not accidental. It is a long-term accumulation, because victory takes time. The more you win, the better. It takes a long time to accumulate, this is my life experience.” Zhang Shuai must be full of pride when he said this.

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