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Winter Olympics Project Introduction – Skating

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Winter Olympics Project Introduction – Skating

2022-01-24 16:07:27Source: Xi’an News Network

Showcase “Speed ​​and Beauty”:

There is no doubt that skating is a competitive sport in which human beings challenge the limit of speed and beauty on the mirror-smooth ice surface. It is worth mentioning that the ice surface of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games venues has all adopted the carbon dioxide critical direct cooling ice making technology. Technology, the residual heat generated by ice making can be used for domestic hot water for athletes, ice melting in ice melting pools, ice surface maintenance and watering, etc., which can save millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity a year and greatly enhance the green attributes of the Winter Olympics venues.

Introduction to ice skating:

Ice skating includes three sub-items: speed skating, short track speed skating and figure skating. What are the characteristics and brilliance of each of these sub-items?

Speed ​​Skating:

Speed ​​skating, referred to as speed skating, is an ice sport that competes the speed of sliding on a 400-meter track. The Beijing Winter Olympics speed skating competition venue will be held at the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium in the Beijing Division, and a total of 14 gold medals will be produced. The speed skating track is long and the speed is fast, and the new skates under the athletes’ feet are also unique. Only the front point of the skate is fixedly connected to the skates, and the rear point is not fixed to the skates, thereby extending the kicking distance, optimizing the action structure, and improving the Glide speed.

Short track speed skating:

Short track speed skating is a skating competition on a track with a circumference of 111.12 meters, which is called short track speed skating because it is shorter than the 400-meter track of speed skating. Winners are determined based on the order they pass the finish line. The short track speed skating competition of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held at the Capital Gymnasium in the Beijing Division, and a total of 9 gold medals will be produced.

Figure Skating:

Figure skating is a skating competition in which skates dance on the ice to music, show various movements, and decide the winner based on technical accuracy and beauty. The competition venue is 56-60m long and 26-30m wide. The Olympic Games consist of five events, including single figure skating for men and women, ice dance and pair skating for men and women to compete in teams, and team competitions.

Figure skating was born in the United Kingdom in the 18th century. It was a winter sport that once entered the Summer Olympics. It was listed as the first Winter Olympics event in 1924. The Beijing Winter Olympics figure skating competition will be held in the Capital Gymnasium in the Beijing Division, and a total of 5 gold medals will be produced.

Great powers compete:

In the international arena of speed skating, the Netherlands belongs to the first echelon, and it is very competitive whether it is a team or an individual. Its ace players include the “Flying Dutchman” Kroll and the women’s 1500m world record holder Woos Special. In addition, Japanese player Takagi Miho, Russian player Kurizhnikov, Sweden player Nils van der Poel and others are also outstanding, and the competitive pressure faced by Chinese players at home is really not small.

Short track speed skating is more popular in Asia, North America and Europe. Chinese athletes have performed well in this event. The famous Yang Yang has won 59 world championship titles. At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Chinese women’s team won 4 gold medals. , And at the last Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing also won 1 gold for the Chinese men’s team. In the Beijing Winter Olympics, the traditional strong teams of the South Korean men’s team, the Dutch women’s team and the Hungarian men’s team will become the main opponents of the Chinese team for gold and silver.

Figure skating pair skating is the dominant event of the Chinese team. In the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese combination Sui Wenjing/Han Cong is the biggest favorite to win the pair skating. The main opponents of the two come from Russia and Germany. In men’s singles skating, Kim Boyang, fourth in men’s singles at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, will face competition with Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) and Chen Wei (United States).

Text/Jin Peng, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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