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Winter training, steady training, thick preparations, and solid grasp

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Winter training, steady training, thick preparations, and solid grasp

Original title: Winter training is steady, thick and ready for battle

With the gradual development of international competitions, multi-event national teams have embarked on the journey of international competitions. Weightlifting, gymnastics, diving, shooting, table tennis, badminton and other advantageous events are actively preparing for the competition. Test the results of winter training in actual combat and continue to train the team.

National table tennis summary innovation keeps pace

In this winter training, the Chinese table tennis team conducted high-intensity and high-density closed training. Around the problems discovered and summarized in the previous competition, the team members have carried out targeted solutions through systematic training during this period. The innovations in techniques and tactics, the strengthening and improvement of physical fitness, etc., have given the players new gains, and they have also been tested in the trials of the Chinese Table Tennis Team Durban World Table Tennis Championships.

During the winter training, Ma Long specially arranged time to practice new serve and supporting attack and other technical links; Wang Manyu led the innovation of technology and play with cutting-edge awareness; Wang Chuqin refined his skills and tactics, and gradually broadened the way to win…

In the view of Li Sun, the head coach of the Chinese table tennis team, innovation is the tradition of national table tennis. He said: “Innovation comes from pressure, especially the requirements on oneself. ‘Get off the podium and start from scratch’ is not an empty phrase. We must always be prepared for danger in times of peace. During the entire training, everyone may have technical and tactical skills. There are some changes, and we are constantly improving and improving on the original basis. Not only in technical and tactical training, but also in physical training, scientific research and other aspects are constantly innovating.”

In terms of strengthening physical fitness, it is more targeted and personalized on the basis of maintaining a systematic approach. Li Sun said: “The Chinese table tennis team has always attached great importance to physical fitness. We have hired physical fitness coaches for many Olympic cycles. Now each main player has a dedicated physical fitness coach to ensure the systematic and targeted physical fitness training. And it is more personalized.” In the past, the physical fitness coach played more of a role in the team’s daily training, and later went with the team in the Olympic Games, World Championships and other major competitions. Nowadays, physical fitness coaches can also be seen in series of competitions such as the Open where there are continuous battles.

Li Sun said: “In the case of continuous combat and a relatively intensive schedule, three or four games may be connected together. How to practice physical training during the journey, how to practice physical training between games, and how to do it before the game and before going on the field. Activating nerves, activating every muscle, etc., physical training has gradually penetrated into all aspects of preparation.”

National gymnastics team kicks off new season

The new season of gymnastics has kicked off. In March, the Doha and Baku stations of the FIFA World Cup will be held. The competition for the qualifying round of the Doha competition has started on March 1.

According to the latest registration situation, the Chinese gymnastics team sent Liu Yang, Xiao Ruoteng, Yin Dexing, Chen Zhilong, Yu Linmin, and Qiu Qiyuan to participate in the Doha competition. Liu Yang will compete in rings, Xiao Ruoteng and Chen Zhilong will compete in floor exercise, Yin Dexing will compete in pommel horse, Xiao Ruoteng and Chen Zhilong will compete in horizontal bars and vault respectively, Qiu Qiyuan will compete in balance beam and uneven bars, and Yu Linmin will compete in vault.

The national gymnastics team has been in winter training since last year’s Liverpool World Championships, with the goal of striving to create more gold points, continuously improving the difficulty of complete sets and polishing the quality of movements. In this year’s winter training, almost all the team members have “upgraded” their new sets of different individual events, and are gearing up to test the winter training results through competitions.

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Qiu Qiyuan, a young player born in 2007, made an impressive appearance in the National Championships last year, but because he was under 15 years old at the time and under the age of participating in international adult competitions, he failed to appear in the World Championships last year. This World Cup will be Qiu Qiyuan’s first appearance in the international arena. I hope she can improve her experience in international competitions and get exercise through the World Cup.

Liu Yang and Xiao Ruoteng, who missed the international competition due to surgery last year, returned to the international competition after more than a year since the Tokyo Olympics. Xiao Ruoteng said that he has added newly learned difficult movements to both the floor exercises and the horizontal bar set, and has made new arrangements and adjustments to the set. He hopes to test the training results in Doha. During the winter training, Liu Yang also updated the arrangement of the rings, carefully selected the angle of movement, and made new changes in the way of dismounting. He expressed his hope to regain his physical condition and game feeling through the World Cup.

National weightlifting team prepares for Olympic qualification

The national weightlifting team began winter training at the Wuzhishan Training Base in Hainan on January 4, and will return to Beijing on March 5 to continue training in preparation for the 2023 Asian Weightlifting Championships to be held in South Korea in early May, which is also a qualifying event for the Paris Olympics.

During the winter training in Wuzhishan, the national weightlifting team implemented the idea of ​​”strength first, thickness first, highlighting physical fitness, and making up for shortcomings accurately”, reasonably arranged special training content, strengthened training volume and training intensity, and grasped effective training time. In terms of physical training, the team arranges two big physical training classes for the whole team every week, focusing on improving the core strength and cardiopulmonary function of the players. Before the winter training, the national weightlifting team also conducted a physical fitness test to find out the physical fitness level of the team members in order to formulate a more scientific and targeted physical fitness training plan. Daily physical training In addition to two major physical classes per week, the physical coaches of each group also designed more targeted and personalized physical training programs to help athletes make up for their shortcomings.

Only carefully designed winter training can lay a solid foundation for preparing for the competition throughout the year. The national weightlifting team has a heavy task of participating in the competition in 2023. In addition to the Asian Championships in May, it will also face the test of the “two-line battle” of the 2023 Riyadh World Championships in Saudi Arabia and the Hangzhou Asian Games. The competition intensity is relatively high. In this year’s World Championships, the team has to show its performance on the one hand, and on the other hand, it must seize the training opportunities of the competition to help young athletes in the team accumulate experience in the competition. Therefore, in this winter training, the national weightlifting team has higher and stricter requirements on athletes from management to training, and pays close attention to the scientific nature and effectiveness of training. The compound support team is also working together to help athletes advance their daily training in a solid manner. With the requirements of steady, thick, high and solid training, they will solidly advance the preparations for the Paris Olympics.

Guoyu is about to set foot on the European arena

After the end of the Badminton Super League, the Chinese badminton team is currently conducting the second phase of winter training in Lingshui, Hainan. Solve the problems exposed by the Badminton Super League, strengthen physical training, polish skills and tactics, and prepare for the upcoming European games such as Germany, All England, and Switzerland.

After the finals in Thailand ended in mid-December last year, Guoyu immediately entered the winter training time to prepare for the competition starting in January 2023, and then participated in 4 competitions. This period of time is the first stage of Guo Yu’s winter training. After the 4 games in Southeast Asia, Guoyu played another 10-day Badminton Super League in Lingshui, Hainan, and some players went to Dubai to participate in the Asian Mixed Team Championship. On February 21, after the Badminton Super League ended, Guoyu began to enter the second phase of winter training, using two to three weeks to prepare for a series of European competitions in March. Chen Yufei, the famous women’s singles player who was injured in the Badminton Super League, recovered from her injury during this period. Players such as Shi Yuqi, Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, Jia Yifan/Chen Qingchen, Liu Yuchen/Ou Xuanyi also used this period of time to check for gaps.

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The German Open will start from March 7th to 12th. Although it is the World Badminton Tournament Super 300 event, since the All England Open will follow, all teams in this station will send most of their main players to participate. Warm-up match. Guoyu is the main player in the men’s singles and women’s singles competitions. In the men’s doubles, it sent the strongest two pairs Liu Yuchen/Ou Xuanyi, Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang to participate, and the women’s doubles sent Li Wenmei/Liu Xuanxuan, Du Yue /Xia Yuting and two new pairs who need to compete for points and improve their rankings participated in the competition. In the mixed doubles, only Feng Yanzhe/Huang Dongping was sent.

After the German Open, Guoyu will usher in the Super 1000 All England Open, known as the “Little World Championship”, which will be held in Birmingham from March 14th to 19th. Guoyu will play with all its main players, and other teams will also send their strongest lineups to compete, making the competition more intense.

At the same time as the All England Open, from March 14th to 19th, China Ruichang Badminton Masters (World Badminton Tournament Super 100 Series) will start in China. In this competition, there are not only players from the first team of the national badminton team, such as Gao Fangjie, Jiang Zhenbang/Wei Yaxin, Tan Ning/Liu Shengshu and other players who participated in the sub-team championship, as well as a large number of young players such as the national training team and the national youth team. Guoyu mainly trains newcomers and tries new lineups through the Ruichang Masters.

The Swiss Open from March 21 to 26 and the Spanish Masters from March 28 to April 2 are both Super 300 events, and China Badminton will send some of its main players to participate.

The national rifle shooting team actively prepares for the World Cup

From Xi’an to Putian and back to Xi’an, the National Rifle Shooting Team conducted three trials in February to determine the players for the World Cup in India and Peru. The team is currently training in Beijing to prepare for the World Cup.

From the first selection on February 4th to the end of the third selection on February 23rd, the time for the three games is tight, and the schedule and team transfer process also simulates international competitions. The purpose is to better familiarize the players with international competitions in advance. The rhythm of the field.

After winter training, many athletes have shown good condition in the trials, especially the performance of young athletes is commendable. For example, Sheng Lihao, a male rifle athlete, not only played at a high level in the main event of the 10-meter air rifle, won three championships, but also won the first and third championships in the 50-meter three-stance event. In the women’s 10m air rifle event, Wang Zhilin, Huang Yuting, Han Jiayu, Fan Xinjiao and others also performed brilliantly.

Li Xue won the women’s 10m air pistol championship in the first and third qualifying rounds, especially in the third round when she was behind in the qualifying rounds, she followed closely and entered the ranking round with eighth place, and broke into the gold medal The game and finally won the championship, and staged reversals one after another.

Jiang Ranxin won the second women’s 10m air pistol championship. When summarizing her performance in the trials, she said that the overall performance in the three rounds was better than before, and the performance in the qualifying rounds was more stable. “This is a goal at this stage. In training , I have been communicating with the coach during the game, the qualifying rounds should be more stable, and I should train myself more in the finals.”

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After the 3 trials, the final six players in each category were selected for the World Cup, including Jiang Ranxin, Yang Haoran, Zhang Changhong, Sheng Lihao, Lu Kaiman, Huang Yuting, Liu Jinyao, etc. in the Tokyo Olympics, Cairo, etc. The outstanding athletes in the World Championships also have fresh blood such as Li Xiaoxue, Zhao Nan, and Gu Xinyu, which further promotes healthy competition within the team.

The World Cup in India will start on March 20, and Peru will start on April 11. This is the first international competition for the national rifle shooting team this year. Wang Lian, deputy director of the Shooting Center of the General Administration of Sports and the leader of the rifle shooting team, introduced that the national team will continue to train and inspect athletes through two World Cup games, and will continue to train and inspect athletes for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, as well as the World Championships and Asian Games that will distribute Olympic seats. Championship ready.

The national diving team makes up for shortcomings and promotes improvement

The first stop of the 2023 Diving World Cup will be held in Xi’an from April 14th to 16th. This year’s World Cup has a number of innovations. The competition schedule is shorter, and the individual events will shorten the previous arrangement of preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals to preliminaries and finals, and the double and team events will go directly to the finals. Prior to this, the 2023 National Diving Championship will be held in March. This competition will serve as a trial for the Paris Olympics, Fukuoka World Championships, and Hangzhou Asian Games. The selection of qualifications for the Paris Olympic Games will also start from this race.

At present, the Chinese diving team is actively preparing for the new season in Beijing. In this winter training, the team members focused on the improvement of physical fitness and the refinement of technical details to make up for shortcomings and promote improvement. Recently, the team conducted an in-team test to test the results of winter training. Team leader Zhou Jihong said that we must continue to seize the time, constantly improve the level, further find problems through the team test, and carry out targeted solutions. At the same time, make all-round preparations to allow athletes to fully adapt to the atmosphere of the competition. After the test, the team members also expressed that they would continue to check for omissions and make up for vacancies in the subsequent training, overcome difficulties and improve steadily.

In this intra-team test, the competition between Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan was still stalemate in the women’s single 10-meter platform competition. Chen Yuxi once again won the first place with a more outstanding overall performance. She won the first place with 418.95 points , Quan Hongchan followed closely behind with a difference of 2.1 points. Yang Hao ranked first in the men’s single 10-meter platform event with 536.80 points, and took out 5255B with a difficulty coefficient of 3.6 in the complete set of movements. This movement is also the first time Yang Hao resumed after nearly five years. “Difficulty king” Yang Jian ranked second in the men’s single 10-meter platform with 524.20 points.

In the men’s single 3-meter springboard competition, veteran Cao Yuan was absent due to injury, and Wang Zongyuan ranked first with a score of 535.45. Chang Yani won the women’s single 3-meter springboard competition with a score of 368.40. Chen Yiwen, who is still recovering from wrist surgery, ranked second in the women’s single 3-meter springboard with 348.85 points.

Text source: China Sports Daily

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