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With coach Bonivento and the return of Cassarà, Valbelluna aims high

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Enrico Menin, Alessio Cassarà and Fabio Anselmi

The team of the new season of Veneta 21 has been presented. Anselmi and Menin also return to make the D series and Campo Dell’Orto arrives

A new coach who responds to the name of Stefano Bonivento, just to start. And then three returns from “Belluno”, together with some confirmations and other players who will strengthen the roster. The Veneta 21 Valbelluna Basket has officially presented the new basketball season, which will see it at the start of the Serie D championship. It will be the second consecutive year in the category, but in reality it is the first, considered the official stop last year. And the intentions are to do well, in order to erase the memory of the difficult 2018-2019 tournament which coincided with the relegation in Promotion to the playout.

WELCOME bonivento

The red and white coach will therefore be Stefano Bonivento, a Venetian coach with his first experience in the province and identified thanks to the collaboration established last year between the association from Belluno and Rucker Sanve.

He brings with him a very respectable curriculum, full of remarkable experiences both on a male and female level, between young Benetton Treviso and Reyer Venezia. At the helm of the Venetian team she recently won the Serie C, leading a group of girls under 16 and under 18.

Valbelluna offered him the opportunity to get further involved in a new environment, undoubtedly bringing enthusiasm and experience to the service of a company that has a great desire to grow. “I’m glad to start,” were his words. «I’ll try to get to know the group of players available, trying to get the best possible results. My idea of ​​basketball? You can also see it at the Olympics: without defense and intensity, you don’t win games ».

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The Valbelluna Basket will face the D counting on the return of three boys: it is Alessio Cassarà, ex Feltre, Fabio Anselmi and Enrico Menin. They are joined by Gabriele Berra Berto and Davide Guazzotti, who will split between Valbelluna and the under 18 of Excellence in San Vendemiano. Alberto Campo Dall’Orto was also taken, who was to play last tournament at Feltre, while the confirmed respond to the names of Alberto Casagrande, Giorgio Cervati, Daniel Cima, Marco De Bona, Lorenzo De Col, Matteo De Toffol, Samuele Mezzacasa and Alessio Rizzo . Finally, from Conegliano here are Andrea Florian and Sandro Pilla.

“We want to compete in the category counting on a competitive roster”, underline the president Massimo Tomas and the manager Andrea Calzavara. «The year and a half stopped had certainly not helped with the enthusiasm, but then the return of Cassarà in particular served for the domino effect and now we can’t wait to start. From the point of view of the objectives, we do not set ourselves particular goals, but we certainly intend to get as much satisfaction as possible, also giving space to our young people ».

Valbelluna will play their home games at De Mas in Belluno, not excluding, however, the possibility of moving to Ponte nelle Alpi or Domegge in some particular circumstances. Training starts at the end of the month, including a mini retreat in Pian Longhi from 3 to 5 September.

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