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Woman scarred in the face with acid by her husband, hospitalized

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(ANSA) – PALMA DI MONTECHIARO, DECEMBER 5 – A woman was taken to hospital at the “San Giovanni di Dio” in Agrigento after being hit and scarred on the face and shoulders by acid. It would have been her husband who threw it at her. It happened in via Tiepolo in Palma di Montechiaro where state police patrols intervened.
The injured person was taken to the emergency room with a 118 ambulance. The spouse also suffered burns on his hands.

The woman, a fifty-year-old from Palma di Montechiaro, who was hit in the face and shoulders by the acid thrown by her husband, had already reported her husband. The two had separated for some time and the woman, starting the red code process, had been transferred and housed in a protected community. This morning, the fifty-year-old went to her former home, in via Tiepolo, to get some clothes and her husband (the two are still formally married), hid behind the door and when the woman crossed the door he threw her the acid. The woman defended herself and a scuffle broke out, during which the acid poured onto the hands of the man, a known criminal, who is now hospitalized at the major burns center of the “Cannizzaro” hospital in Catania.

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