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Women weakened against Belgium and Czech Republic

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Women weakened against Belgium and Czech Republic

ÖFB team boss Irene Fuhrmann cannot draw on the full in the test international games against Belgium (April 7th, 8:30 p.m.) and the Czech Republic (April 11th, 7:15 p.m., each live on ORF Sport +) in Wiener Neustadt. In addition to Maria Plattner, Katja Wienerroither and Katharina Schiechtl, who were absent recently, as well as Julia Hickelsberger-Füller, who was absent after meniscus surgery, Virginia Kirchberger and substitute goalkeeper Jasmin Pal are now unavailable due to injury.

According to Fuhrmann, Plattner should be able to complete football-specific units again at the end of March, and Schiechtl should be able to fully return to Werder Bremen after Easter. Kirchberger is missing because she underwent a planned surgical procedure after breaking her tibia and fibula at the end of November 2021. “Metal was removed, it looks good that everything went according to plan,” said Fuhrmann. Hickelsberger-Füller, who should be working with the ball again at the end of April, is also in the plan for rehab.

There is still no trend at Wienerroither, who has an appointment with a foot specialist in Vienna on Wednesday. “The tendon continues to hurt, there is no telling when it will be able to get back in,” said Fuhrmann. The Viennese described the personnel situation as “naturally challenging and not optimal”. This gives other actors the chance to present themselves. Among them is FC Zurich striker Viktoria Pinther, an ÖFB team returnee.

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