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Women’s DFB Cup: Hoffenheim wants to make Wolfsburg suffer with passion

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Women’s DFB Cup: Hoffenheim wants to make Wolfsburg suffer with passion

As of: March 4, 2024 7:19 p.m

TSG Hoffenheim will face VfL Wolfsburg in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup. Coach Stephan Lerch’s team goes into the game as underdogs – that’s why he wants to make the favorites suffer.

“Passion” was Stephan Lerch’s favorite word before TSG Hoffenheim’s DFB Cup quarter-final against VfL Wolfsburg. The Hoffenheim coach knows that his players will be outsiders against the ten-time DFB Cup winners. Because in terms of play, the Lower Saxony team is one of the best teams in Europe. That’s why Lerch doesn’t even try to beat the Wolfsburg women with their means. That’s why he builds the bridge between ‘suffering’ and ‘creating’. “I think it will be important for us that we play with passion. I think the word that could accompany us as a headline is passion,” he said in an interview with SWR Sport. “And we have to be prepared to suffer.”

Hoffenheim is preparing for a lot of defensive work against Wolfsburg

He assumes that Wolfsburg will have the ball for long periods of the game and that his players will mainly be required to defend themselves. “But if we manage to get as many players as possible behind the ball and get as many feet and legs in the way as possible, then it will be difficult for VfL too.” That’s why he wants to “play passionately, defend passionately, perform passionately in duels.” And when his Hoffenheim team does win the ball, “we just have to finish it with passion.”

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Live on SWR Sport: The DFB Cup quarter-final between Hoffenheim and Wolfsburg

SWR Sport shows on March 5th from 6:25 p.m the DFB Cup quarter-finals between the TSG Hoffeheim and the VfL Wolfsburg live on stream and on YouTube.

Above all, Sarai Linder wants to have fun with Hoffenheim

Defender Sarai Linder, on the other hand, found a different headline for this quarter-final: “It’s fun to play against Wolfsburg because I have the feeling that they always have a hard time against us. You saw that when we played in Wolfsburg .” However, she doesn’t want to see that as a contradiction to her coach: “We know about Wolfsburg’s qualities and that we have to suffer a lot, especially on defense – accept every duel, there can’t be a meter too many for us and then we still have to have the power to make it difficult for Wolfsburg offensively.”

Hoffenheim wants to wear Wolfsburg down

And yes: “Suffering can be fun,” says the 24-year-old – at least when your own passion causes your opponents to suffer too. “When you notice that the opponent is becoming dissatisfied because they can’t play through or combine, when you defend the long balls or you then have chances to score. Then you realize: Okay, it’s our turn, we can annoy them. Then it’s fun, then you run even more.”

Hoffenheim almost without any injured players

In terms of personnel, coach Lerch has plenty to choose from because all the players except Isabella Hartig are on board. Lerch also hopes for additional support from the Hoffenheim fans. So far, around 1,700 fans will be cheering on Hoffenheim when the game kicks off on Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Then the Hoffenheimers hope that they can impress, unsettle and counter Wolfsburg with their passion – in order to take a big step towards their big goal: the final on May 9, 2024 in Cologne.

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