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Woods close friend: He will not come back in the next year. The next appearance will be PNC this year.

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Original title: Woods close friend: he will not come back in the next year. The next appearance will be this year’s PNC game

On January 9th, Beijing time, at the PNC Championship in December last year, the golf world witnessed a scene they thought they might never see again… Tiger Woods playing golf. Because just 10 months before the game, Woods suffered a serious car accident and almost got his right leg amputated. Woods said in early December: “I’m very lucky, I’m still alive, and I have good limbs.”

It is worth mentioning that Woods’ recovery is incredible. What is even more surprising is that he teamed up with his son Charlie and finished runner-up, only two shots behind John Daly and his son. At this moment, the golf world began to predict when he would return to the PGA Tour, but a close friend of his stood up and said that everyone may have to wait a year.

Throughout the preparations for the tournament, Woods himself has been trying his best to play down the possibility of returning to the PGA Tour soon. He admitted that “one day I will play the tour, but I will not be full-time, never will, I will have a choice of competition, just like Ben Hogan back then.”

Now, a close friend of Woods-John Cook, who has 11 PGA Tour champions, has stepped forward, proving that Woods’s words are definitely not “diplomatic rhetoric.” The American believes that we have to wait a long time to see the owner of the 15 PGA Tour champions return to the PGA Tour. “I don’t think this will happen in the next 12 months. The next time we see him will be at the PNC Championship in 2022. I don’t think his body is ready yet. He can’t train the way he wants. “

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Nevertheless, Cook still believes that Woods’ goal is to return, but it will take time. “If his condition has not entered the golden age, he will not be the kind of’showy’ person. Of course, I firmly believe that he will come back sooner or later, otherwise he will not test golf on the driving range and train to use him. This is the new driver. He definitely has such a motive.”

Cook had an exchange with Woods after the PNC Championship: “He was open and honest when chatting with me. He said he was exhausted. The short shot gave him a lot of hope, and the long iron still needs to be improved, but he thinks he can Get it done.”

Although it is not clear when Woods will return to the PGA Tour, what we do know is that it feels great to see him back on the court.

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