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Woods to play 9-hole practice round at Augusta National Golf Club_Tiger_Billy Horschel_On

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Woods to play 9-hole practice round at Augusta National Golf Club_Tiger_Billy Horschel_On

Original title: Woods appeared at Augusta National Golf Club to play 9-hole practice round

For tiger fans all over the world, the 504-day long-awaited, finally waiting for you!

At 3:20 a.m. Beijing time today, Tiger Woods appeared at the Augusta National Golf Club. After warming up on the driving range, he played a 9-hole practice round-this is the final round of the Masters since November 15, 2020. After that, for the first time, he played in this high altar shrine under the public watch.

All indications are that he is preparing for the first major of the year, the 86th Masters, which kicks off on Thursday!

And a few hours before that, at 21:40 Beijing time last night, Tiger Woods finally updated his Twitter, “officially announced” the news of going to Augusta:

I’m heading to Augusta today to continue preparing and practicing. Whether or not I will race will be a “during race week” decision. Congrats to 16-year-old Anna Davis (Augusta Women’s Amateur champion) on her amazing win, and good luck to all the kids taking part in the Kickoff Chip and Putt.

This also temporarily suspends the previous series of speculations. Woods’ official statement stated: He will make a final decision after pre-game practice at Augusta National.

Since the Masters is an “invitational tournament,” all players who are invited will have their names appear as long as they “do not give up their qualifications” (such as this year’s former champions Ian Wusnan and Phil Mickelson). in the competition list. Moreover, there is no “waiting list” in the Masters, and the withdrawal of any player will not affect the qualifications of others. That means, in theory, Tiger could wait until just before kickoff on Thursday before it’s too late to announce his retirement.

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However, judging from his swing this morning, he’s in pretty good shape! Unlike last Tuesday, when the mysterious flew to Augusta for a “private practice”, this time the Tigers practiced in full view, with many players and staff “watching” – before the FedEx Cup Overall champion Billy Horschel was fortunate enough to witness this scene. On the practice field, he stood beside the tiger in the playing position, hugged the tiger intimately, and had a brief exchange.

According to Horschel later revealed to the media, Tiger’s current kick-off distance can reach at least 290 yards!

“Looks like the tiger he was before the accident, the way he swings and the speed doesn’t make any difference,” Horschel said. feel happy.”

It is reported that the Tigers first stayed at Augusta National’s practice range for 20 minutes, conducting a series of “warm-ups” from wedges to drivers. Afterwards, he came off the 10th hole and made a “trial” on the back nine holes of Augusta – the familiar Amen Corner, once again appeared in the figure of the 5-time green jacket winner!

According to an on-site staff member, Tiger made a perfect swing on the 12th hole — the famous “one-over-water hole” of a +7 in the final round two years ago — and threw the ball directly Stop 4 feet next to the flagpole!

The distance of the driver, the precise short game, the same pace as ever… If we put the information together, we can only use the word “amazing” to describe the state of recovery of Tiger Woods – people can’t see it at all , This is a 46-year-old middle-aged man who was in a serious car accident 13 months ago and almost had one leg amputated!

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Of course, it is not only the fans of Tigers around the world, but also the sponsors of the Tigers, who have also gained a long-lost amount of exposure through this high-profile appearance. A Bridgestone ball, the huge claw LOGO on the caddie Lacava’s bag, and the striking black FootJoy shoes on the practice ground… Just a day ago, the digital souvenir company Autograph announced the tiger · Woods plans to release the first set of NFT series before the Masters – if from a marketing perspective, Tiger’s appearance on the line this time has also earned a lot of traffic and popularity.

The US Masters official also released the news of Tiger’s return to Augusta in the first time. “Tiger Woods returned to Augusta today to prepare for his 24th Masters trip.” – The official Twitter statement of the Masters seems to be further “settling” the possibility of Tiger’s comeback.

During the Augusta Women’s Amateur Championship held last Saturday, sharp-eyed fans also found that the name “TIGER WOODS” appeared on the live scoreboard being built at the Masters! There are indications that Augusta seems to be ready for Woods.

Of course, just one test field does not mean that the Tigers will come back in the main game 100%. Whether his knee can withstand the tough test of Augusta’s undulating fairways is also a wildly unknown. After all, the last time Tiger participated in the PGA Tour was back to the final round of the Masters 15 months ago…

But this appearance is enough to surprise the golf world. At least we have reason to fully expect that the return of the king of Tiger Woods is not far away!

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At 11:00 a.m. local time on Tuesday (23:00 p.m. Beijing time), Tiger Woods will hold a regular press conference before the US Masters. At that time, what “major news” will he announce through the media? let us wait and see.

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