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WORKPLEIS, the first community dedicated to corporate sport

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WORKPLEIS, the first community dedicated to corporate sport

“Workpleis” is online, the first digital community that will bring together managers, professionals and champions to discuss the contribution that sport can bring within companies.

It is known that companies recognize the value heritage of professional sportsmen. In a fast-paced world, the soft skills borrowed from athletes can make the difference in work processes. Conventions, team building, incentives, training courses, company tournaments, apps, intranets, podcasts: there is no internal communication tool that is not already contaminated with the language or tools or protagonists of sport. Despite the growing demand, however, the market is highly fragmented and there is no single point of reference from which to obtain information, deepen knowledge or purchase services. Workpleis was created to fill this gap and bring the sport-work relationship to a higher level, i.e. to make the relationship between all types of sports services and every possible working ecosystem systemic and universal.

The name was chosen to identify the operational perimeter of the community, a protected and stimulating place in which to exchange ideas, from which to draw ideas and to interact with to discover all the ways in which sport can help make work environments better: work -place, space to work.

The logo, although clearly identifiable with the letter W, initial of the name, also recalls the stylized image of a bird with outstretched wings. The color of the sky completes the brand identity: this community intends to explore new horizons. He wants to fly high!

“Although conceived within the design services of the EIS sports management agency – declares Enrico Gelfi, creator of the project – the Workpleis community was born as a separate project, which intends to achieve the ambitious goal of acting as a point of reference for a market in turmoil but very fragmented. By focusing on free editorial services as a marketing lever, we are certain that we are making a decisive contribution to the sport-revolution of work in Italy!”.

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Every day from the page Linkedin of Workpleis will alternate reflections, case histories, inspirational phrases and contributions from exponents of the corporate world and the sports world will be hosted, through a dense and stimulating editorial plan. Trainers, HR, motivational speakers and champions will help build a new work culture in the company.

In a second phase, the community will then open up to other sharing platforms, such as the Telegram channel and the Zoom app, to make the members’ experience increasingly engaging and exclusive.

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