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World Cup 2026: how the big names will change

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World Cup 2026: how the big names will change

From Argentina to Spain, the possible right names of the 9 great football powers in view of the next edition

You want to say that there are four years left and that there is time. Think about it, and how if you think about it. It’s like when you come back from a nice vacation and your mind falls on the place where you would like to go next year, what you would like to bring with you, how to have more fun. But here we are not mental trips, there is a date – June 8, 2026 – and even 13 places: from Vancouver to Guadalajara, these are the 16 cities in Canada, the United States and Mexico where the next World Cup will be played. It’s true that four years is a long time: there will be new champions, new tactical ideas, new rules, we’ll all have an electric car or maybe we’ll go around with a jet-pack, who knows.

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