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World Cup in Qatar|Japan loses to Costa Rica 0:1- Home Slideshow- China Gongwang

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World Cup in Qatar|Japan loses to Costa Rica 0:1- Home Slideshow- China Gongwang

Original title: World Cup in Qatar|No points in Japan’s 0:1 loss to Costa Rica

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, November 27 (Reporters Zhang Yifei, Xiao Yazhuo, Yang Ting) Japanese fans will definitely miss the former free kick master Shunsuke Nakamura. In the second round match of Qatar World Cup Group E on the 27th, the Japanese team had two excellent free kick opportunities within 10 minutes, but failed to grasp them. In the end, Costa Rica won 1-0 with Fuller’s 81st-minute goal.

Before this game, the Japanese team was the more promising side. They reversed and defeated the German team in the first round, while the Costa Rica team lost 0:7 to the Spanish team. The progress after the start of the game did not surprise the fans. The Japanese team controlled the rhythm of the game most of the time. In the second half, the ball possession rate once exceeded 60%, and they created significantly more offensive opportunities than their opponents.

On November 27, Costa Rica players celebrate a goal.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Lili

Especially after the winger Junya Ito, who played for the Ligue 1 Reims team, came off the bench, his several breakthroughs disturbed the defense of the Costa Rica team. In the 71st minute, Jun Ito was brought down at the top of the arc of the penalty area after a breakthrough in the middle, and the Japanese team got a direct free kick in a good position. It’s a pity that Daichi Kamada’s shot was blocked by the opponent’s wall.

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And this wasn’t the first free-kick chance the Japanese team wasted. 10 minutes earlier, a direct free kick won by Ko Endo in a similar position was overshot by Yuki Soma.

On November 27, Oviedo (left), a player of the Costa Rica team, defended the player of the Japanese team, Don Anru.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ming

Unable to attack for a long time in the attack, the Japanese team’s defense made a fatal mistake first. In the 81st minute, Yoshida Maya’s clearance was a bit careless, and the ball saw the high but not the far. After Tejeda of the Costa Rica team got the ball, he calmly distributed it to Fuller who was plugging in. The latter aimed at the far corner and made a beautiful arc. The Japanese goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda, who was standing a little forward, tried his best to stretch his body. His fingertips even touched the ball, but he still couldn’t prevent the ball from spinning into the goal.

In the end, the Costa Rica team won the game with this ball, which was their only shot that hit the goal frame. As for the Japanese team, which completed 14 shots in this game, they should really reflect on their ability to seize offensive opportunities.

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