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World Cup, interview with De Roon: “The Netherlands believe in it, we can win”

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World Cup, interview with De Roon: “The Netherlands believe in it, we can win”

The Atalanta midfielder: “Gakpo was right to stay at PSV. For now… The Dutch criticize us for our game, but we’re very lucid, without putting on too much show, because in the end it’s the result that counts”

From our correspondent Fabio Bianchi

In the Dutch version of Louis Van Gaal, he is the interpreter who perhaps best represents him. Concreteness, balance, little space for show in the name of efficiency. Maybe that’s why in the splash of Italian nerazzurri that is in the solid oranje color, Martin de Roon is the one that convinced him the most. His Atalanta partner Koopmeiners played more or less as much as him but remained in the shadows. Dumfries, the only ever starter, perhaps held back by tactics is not yet the arrow we know at Inter, and his friend De Vrij hasn’t seen the pitch yet, rightly overshadowed by Van Dijk.

De Roon, who started in pain from Italy, played the first time with Qatar as a starter. He says: “Finally, I’m happy because I’m fine. Has something changed with me playing in Holland? I think we play even more controlled. We leave less room for the opponent. I think I can always add something to the team. The one with Costa Rica was perhaps less important than the other matches, but we are satisfied with the result, it was the fundamental thing to finish first in the group for sure”.

Can you and Koopmeiners happen together like with Gasperini?
“You know, we all know that Frenkie De Jong is fundamental to us. He is one of the strongest players here at the World Cup. And then the coach always wades at the opponent in front of him, and he decides accordingly. If the opportunity to play together around Frenkie comes, even better. But it’s also good for us to take turns, the important thing is the group”.

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Among other things, the midfield is the only department that the coach has changed three times. At the first Berghuis, at the second Koopmeiners, at the third she. Does that mean it’s looking for the right setup?
“Yes, of course. But, I repeat, it also changes depending on the opponent. He does the analysis and chooses who he thinks is the best for that match”.

Van Gaal keeps repeating: “We can win the World Cup”
“It must be our goal, of course. I completely agree with him. The eighth final not difficult? Lies, at the World Cup they are all very difficult challenges. The United States then grew a lot tactically. And they run like crazy. Having said that, we are all convinced that we can get to the bottom of it. You have to be to really succeed.”

Easy eighth final against the USA? Lies, they run like crazy

Martin de Ron

In Holland, however, they are not satisfied with how the team plays, right?

He smiles. “Sure sure. We play very lucid, without making too much of a show, because in the end it’s the result that counts. In my opinion tournaments like this are never of a great technical level, because you arrive here and you have a week of preparation to find an understanding. With the club, on the other hand, you have six to seven months to shape the game, the affinities. It is much better”.

And then, the times Holland played well, they lost the finals…
“Yeah, maybe it’s better to play badly and win everything”.

However, there are still some little gems that amuse, like Gakpo.

“He’s in great shape, he was already playing well in Holland. In the summer there were many rumors that he would go to a big one (United, ed.). In the end he stayed, perhaps also to have more chances in the national team. I think he made a great choice. He will play a great tournament and then it will be very difficult for PSV to keep him ”.

Speaking of jewels, will we see Xavi Simons sooner or later?

“He is doing very well, he trains with great constancy. He is very young, he is only a 2003. I think Van Gaal will let him in when the time comes for taste and he will be able to make a difference ”.

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