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World Cup Japan vs. Spain, who can win Spain vs. Japan? Prospective Analysis-Minnan.com

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World Cup Japan vs. Spain, who can win Spain vs. Japan? Prospective Analysis-Minnan.com

At 3 o’clock on December 2, Beijing time, in the third round of Group E of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Japanese team will face the Spanish team. So who will win Japan vs. Spain? The following editor shares the analysis of the results of the World Cup match between Japan and Spain.

Qatar World Cup 2022 – Japan vs Spain who will win

Japan team

“Blue Warrior” is ambitious to aim for the quarterfinals

Although the top two teams in Germany and West are the favorites to qualify for Group E, the Asian champion Japan, ranked 24th in the world, is also eager to achieve a historic breakthrough on Asian soil. The “Blue Warrior” has previously advanced to the World Cup finals 7 times, and advanced to the top 16 three times (2002, 2010, 2018).

In recent years, many outstanding young Japanese players have gone to play in European leagues, which has raised the country’s overall football level to a higher level than it was four years ago. In the latest list of 26 players for the World Cup announced by the Japan Football Association, there are as many as 20 European players. These include: Kenhiro Tomi from Premier League Arsenal, Kaoru Misaki from Brighton; Takumi Minano from Monaco in Ligue 1, Eiji Kawashima from Strasbourg, Junya Ito from Reims; Schalke 04 from Bundesliga Maya Yoshida, Akira Itakura of Borussia Mönchengladbach, Takuma Asano of Bochum, Don Anrui of Freiburg, Daichi Kamada of Frankfurt, Hiroki Ito and Ko Endo of Stuttgart; Kubo of Real Sociedad England; Yuta Nakayama of the British Championship Hasfield; Aoi Tanaka of Dusseldorf of the German Second Division; Shibazaki Yue of the Western Second Division Leganes; A Kiyo Ueda of Bruges and Schmidt of St. Turden.

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From the perspective of personnel composition, these European players almost cover all the main positions of the Japanese team. On the offensive end, the two wings of the Japanese team are flying together: Takumi Minamino on the left has excellent skills at his feet, and is proficient in passing, controlling, leading, and shooting; the “fast horse” Junya Ito on the right not only has excellent physical confrontation, but also has excellent breakthrough ability. Very strong, an indispensable player in the team’s positional warfare and counterattack. In the midfield, Shibasaki Gake, Tanaka Ao, and Itakura Aki are all good offensive and defensive players. On the defensive end, Fuan Jianyang and Yoshida Ma will also jointly shoulder the important task of the defense core.

According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese team hopes to surpass the results of the last World Cup and aim at the top eight in the World Cup, but the prerequisite is to “upset” defeat top European teams such as Spain and Germany.

spanish team

“Matador” uses a rookie to take the lead

In the latest FIFA men’s national team world rankings, the “Matador” Spanish team ranks seventh, the highest-ranked team in Group E.

In recent years, under the leadership of coach Enrique, the Spanish team has inherited the traditional 433 formation and pass-and-control tactics, implemented oppressive offense, and used intensive and fast short pass penetration to try to “pass” the ball into the opponent’s goal. With this tactical style of play, the “Matador” reached the semi-finals of the 2020 European Championships and won the runner-up in the 2021-2022 UEFA Europa League.

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In the current Spanish team, there are only Busquets and Alba left when they won the World Cup in 2010. The other positions have been replaced by newcomers, and the strength of the midfield has been significantly weakened. Not only are Morata and Sarabia on the front line unable to compare with Torres and Villa back then, but there is also no playmaker such as Harvey and Iniesta in the midfield.

However, under Enrique’s full cultivation, new stars such as Barcelona midfielder Pedri and striker Ferran Torres have gradually occupied the main position in the team. Among them, Pedri, who is regarded as Harvey’s successor by the outside world, has become the core midfielder of the “Matador” by virtue of his active running and skilled personal skills.

In addition to Pedri, there are 18-year-old Garvey, 20-year-old Fati, 22-year-old Ferran Torres and other rookies in the Spanish team. They have not yet had a chance to prove themselves in international competitions. In this World Cup, with the help of veterans such as Busquets, these young people will gradually take the lead. (Source: Beijing Evening News, reporter Wang Yang)

Forecast analysis of Japan vs Spain match

Like the Iranian team, the Japanese team also experienced ups and downs in the first two games: after they upset the favorite German team, they lost to the lowest-ranked Costa Rica team in the group.

In the first two rounds, the Spanish team won over Costa Rica and tied with Germany, ranking first in the group with 4 points. As long as they draw in this campaign, they will be able to securely qualify. The Japanese team with 3 points wins and advances directly, and the tie depends on the result of the battle between Germany and Costa Rica.

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After experiencing the embarrassment of being out of the defending champion group in the 2014 World Cup, the Spanish team began to update. Today, a new generation of “Matador” has grown up. Garvey, Ferran Torres, and Pedri, who played and made achievements in the first two games, are all “post-00s”. This young team beat the Costa Rica team 7:0, showing a strong combat effectiveness and impact, and the new “golden generation” has taken shape.

Therefore, it will be very difficult for the Japanese team to win or draw in this campaign. However, the Japanese team coach Mori Yasushi is full of confidence in this battle. He said that after three group matches and then breaking through, it is in line with the Japanese team’s initial expectations. For the Spanish team, the Japanese team “has every chance to win.”

It is worth mentioning that, at present, the Spanish team has not locked in the top 16 seats. In the last match of the group stage, if the Japanese team and the German team win at the same time, and the German team has enough goal difference, the Spanish team will be eliminated from the group. Therefore, the “Matador” also needs to cheer up. (Source: China News Network, reporter Wang Zumin)

Editor in charge: Zeng Shaolin

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