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World Cup Jump: Su Yiming won the championship with 155.25 points, creating a new history in China_Contestants_Finals_Skiing

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Original title: Grand Platform World Cup: Su Yiming won the championship with 155.25 points to create a new history in China

On December 5th, Beijing time, the competition for the Snowboard World Cup at Staples in the United States ended. The 17-year-old Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming made history. He won the championship with 155.25 points and created the Chinese snowboard. A new history of skiing.

In the previous qualifiers, Su Yiming scored 93.00 points and became the most shining star in the game, ranking first in the men’s qualifying competition. Not only was he one of the few players to break the 90-point mark that day, he was also the first Chinese player to break into the final of the Snowboard World Championships.

Entering the final, Su Yiming scored 85.00 points and 70.25 points. He was very successful in the opening two taxis in the final. According to the competition system, each competitor will have three trials and the best two trials will be the final result.

In the third trial, Su Yiming hit the high difficulty again, but unfortunately, he made a mistake the last time. However, through the first two results, his combined score of 155.25 points is enough for him to easily win the championship, and at the same time create a new history of Chinese snowboarding.

Su Yiming was born in Jilin in 2004. He focuses on two events: snowboard jumping platform and slope obstacle skills. In March 2020, he successfully unlocked China‘s first BsTriple Cork 1620 Mute (three-week somersault body 1620 degrees) action. In January 2021, he successfully completed China‘s first Cab 1800 (anti-foot outward rotation at 1800 degrees in five weeks), 2021 In October 2008, Su Yiming became the world‘s first person to complete the ultra-highly difficult maneuver of “Inner Turn Somersault 1980 Degrees”.

Austrian Clemens-Milauer scored 63.50 points and 76.00 points in the first and third rounds respectively, and finally finished runner-up with 139.50 points. Mons-Rosland took third place, the Norwegian’s total score of 134.00, 1.5 points higher than the four-time big platform jump, X-GAME champion, Canada’s Max Parrott. World champion Mark McMorris of Canada and X-GAME champion Marcus Cleveland of Norway failed to get on the podium in the 10-man final.

The 19-year-old Japanese player Iwabuchi Reira won by an absolute advantage. She achieved a total score of 178.25 points. Her two best results were 87.25 and 91.00 respectively. She was more than 30 points higher than the second place. Austrian Olympic champion Anna Gasser finished second with 148.00 points. German player Annika Morgan won the top three with 132.25 points.

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