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World Cup Morocco vs. Croatia, who will win? Croatia vs. Morocco. Prospective Analysis

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World Cup Morocco vs. Croatia, who will win? Croatia vs. Morocco. Prospective Analysis

At 18:00 on November 23, Beijing time, in the first round of Group F of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Morocco team will face the Croatian team. So who will win Morocco vs. Croatia? The following editor shares the analysis of the results of the World Cup match between Morocco and Croatia.

Qatar World Cup 2022 – Morocco vs Croatia who will win


“Paper strength” is awe-inspiring

Like the two teams of Belgium and Croatia, the reference to the “golden generation” also appears in the current Morocco team’s reviews.

Including the World Cup in Qatar, the Moroccan team has entered the World Cup 6 times, the best record of which was successfully qualifying from the group stage in 1986.After that, they went back together in 1994 and 1998 respectively.

Continuing to participate, and then it was 4 years ago. In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Morocco team was in the same group as Spain and Portugal. It is reasonable to fail to qualify for the group, but their performance is actually remarkable.

Now in this Moroccan team, the vast majority of players play in Europe, and there are many players who play in the five major leagues, such as Hakim Ziyech of Chelsea in the Premier League and Ashraf Ha of Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1. Kimi, Amin Ali of Bundesliga Schalke 04, Nussel Mazraoui of Bayern Munich, “paper strength” is by no means inferior to the Belgian and Croatian teams in the same group. In particular, the Morocco team played well on both sides, which will become an excellent scoring weapon against Belgium and Croatia.

However, the meritorious coach Harry Hodzic, who led the team to the World Cup in Qatar, resigned due to disagreements with big-name players Ziyech and Mazraoui. The current team is taken over by Regraguy. It seems that the focus of the contradiction has been resolved, but even if such a team is calm on the surface, it is difficult to be harmonious internally.

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croatia team

No Compromise in the Fighter’s Eyes

In the 1998 World Cup in France, people remembered Dave Suker, and also remembered the Croatian team that won the third place in the World Cup for the first time. Twenty years later, in the World Cup in Russia, Modric, Mandzukic, Perisic, Vida and others became the “golden generation” in the history of Croatian football with the runner-up results.

Four years later, Modric and Perisic, the core figures of the “Golden Generation”, will appear in Qatar without accident. This will be their farewell performance on the World Cup stage. From the simple emotion of “cherishing heroes”, people naturally hope that it will be a “comeback” drama. However, the Croatian team is in the “invisible death group”, and the possibility of failure after the group stage is not small. Although it is difficult to predict how far the Croatian team can go, it is foreseeable that the process will never be a mess. Because the word “compromise” does not exist in the fighter’s dictionary at all.

Judging from the promotion process of the last World Cup, the first two games of the Croatian team’s knockout stage were penalty kicks. That made them the first World Cup team since 1990 to win two consecutive penalty shootouts. In the semi-finals against England, they won through extra time, tying the World Cup record for consecutive overtime games. This kind of winning method is difficult for non-fighters. Then there is the process of qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar. They were beaten 1-0 by Slovenia in their first game at home, and then tied 2-2 by Slovakia, thus falling behind by 2 points before facing their qualifying rival Russia in the final round. But in the end, they still qualified with the opponent’s own goal thrilling. A team always passing the test like this must be a master who is good at deathmatch.

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Today, the head coach of this team is still the “Fire Captain” Dalic who took over the coach at the critical moment of the World Preliminaries 4 years ago. It has broken their ceiling in terms of offensive ability. Look at the two penalty kicks and one overtime match in the knockout stage of the last World Cup. On the one hand, this shows that their offensive ability can only be regarded as average. On the other hand, it shows that under the limited firepower output, the stability of their defense line was sacrificed. up. The Croatian team’s trip to Qatar, the key variable is in the backcourt. Whether their backcourt configuration can prevent the opponent’s firepower will largely determine how far the team can go. (Source: Beijing Evening News, Reporter: Li Yuanfei)

Preliminary analysis of Morocco vs Croatia match

In the World Cup, there are dark horses every year, but only the “dark horse” of the Croatian team is the best. In the 1998 World Cup, this team from a “small country” with a population of more than 4 million won the third place in its debut, refreshing the outside world‘s perception of dark horses. Four years ago, the Croatian team went one step further and finished second.

In this World Cup cycle, as many veterans have retired one after another, the overall strength of the Croatian team has declined. But there is a famous saying in the World Cup that “there is a spirit called Croatia”. Whether it won the third place 24 years ago or entered the final 4 years ago, the “Grid Army” has never relied on pure competitive strength. What’s more, the Golden Globe winner of the last cup, the 37-year-old Real Madrid midfielder Modric still sticks to the team. As long as the “Magic Flute” is still there, the “Croatian spirit” will not dissipate.

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The Morocco team participated in the World Cup for the sixth time. The best result in the World Cup was entering the knockout round in 1986. The team’s 26-man roster shows that its players are playing all over the world. Although there are many stars such as Chelsea midfielder Ziyech and Paris Saint-Germain defender Ashraf, a major drawback is that the national team is not running well enough.

In fact, what the Moroccan team needs to run in with the team is the new coach Regeraj. After the former coach dismissed get out of class due to conflicts with the players, the local coach took office hastily, which became one of the variables for the Moroccan team to play in this cup. At present, the Moroccan team ranks 22nd in the world. It is clear that Regraji needs luck if he wants to lead the team to an upset over the last runner-up. (Source: China News Network)

Editor in charge: Zeng Shaolin

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