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World Cup Spain 1982: today as a gift the Gazzetta from 40 years ago

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World Cup Spain 1982: today as a gift the Gazzetta from 40 years ago

With the Gazzetta dello Sport, readers will receive a copy of the Rosea edition of the day after the triumph over the then West Germany in the final

Together with the Gazzetta dello Sport of the day, the reader will receive today a free copy of the Gazzetta of 12 July 1982, dedicated to the triumph in Madrid, the 3-1 victory against West Germany in the world final. An evocative journey into the past, beyond the front page which has now become iconic, with the title “World Champions!” in large letters.

“Bearzot come Pozzo” is the title of the editorial by the director at the time, Gino Palumbo: “This enterprise that Italian sport gives to the country – and that the country celebrates with renewed pride – is full of meanings that go beyond pure competitive significance “. And between the lines of Palumbo we seem to grasp a reference to Italy at the time, struggling with terrorism and the usual economic troubles. The success of the national team as a push to escape from the crisis: and thus, the 80s will be an era of growth.

It was another Italy and the newspapers were structured differently. It is striking, for example, that three-quarters of page 2 are devoted to horse racing results. Because at the time the Gazzetta reserved the 2 for horse racing and its fans, and not even a world triumph upset the layout. Moreover, in those years, many generalist newspapers retained the nineteenth-century layout, with the third page devoted to culture.

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“With these goals in heaven” is the title of the three, a photographic review of the goals of Rossi, Tardelli and Altobelli. In 5 the commentary and the report cards by Lodovico Maradei: “The world is blue!”. High grades, but not very high, no 10, at most three 8s: to Bergomi, Bruno Conti and Paolo Rossi. Then 7.5 to Collovati, Scirea and Tardelli; 7 to Zoff, Gentile, Oriali and Altobelli. Cabrini got the lowest grade: only 6.5 due to the wrong penalty. Not evaluated Graziani, who left after a few minutes due to injury, and Causio, who entered towards the end, a tribute by Bearzot to the class and charisma of the Baron, for many years a pillar of the national team. Following the interviews. Bearzot: “It was the victory of a team with immense moral strength: everyone helped each other to overcome the shock of the failed penalty.” Zoff: “I’m forty but I’ve never felt so fit. I admired the coldness of Bergomi, a boy.”

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