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World Cup stadiums in Mexico will invest 200 million pesos

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World Cup stadiums in Mexico will invest 200 million pesos

FIFA Requests Mandatory Pitch Change for 2026 World Cup Venues

In preparation for the 2026 World Cup, FIFA has requested mandatory changes to the playing fields of the 16 cities that will host the 104 matches of the tournament. The change of pitch, which must be completed by the summer of 2025, is a requirement set by FIFA for all World Cup venues. The tournament is set to begin on December 11, 2025, and will conclude on July 19, 2026.

Alberto Molina, Operational Director of Rayados de Monterrey, revealed that the investment for the pitch change will amount to 4 million dollars per stadium, totaling a cost of over 200 million pesos for the three stadiums involved. This information was shared during a presentation at SportBiz México 2024.

Molina explained that representatives from the 16 cities will convene in Tennessee to meet with researchers and discuss the necessary modifications that will need to be made to the fields.

The modifications will include the installation of a ventilation system, water extraction, and temperature control to ensure the fields are in optimal condition for the tournament. In addition to the pitch changes, the Steel Giant stadium, the most modern stadium in the Mexican first division, will undergo renovations in its VIP areas to accommodate personalities such as presidents, leaders, and other high-profile guests.

Molina also mentioned that the press area will be expanded to accommodate an increased number of journalists, as FIFA requires a minimum of 300 press seats for World Cup matches, compared to the usual 200 for regular games.

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The preparations for the 2026 World Cup are in full swing, with venues and stadiums undergoing extensive modifications to ensure a successful and memorable tournament.

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