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World Cup, today the round of 16 would be like this: France-Argentina

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World Cup, today the round of 16 would be like this: France-Argentina

90′ from the end of the first phase, the rankings let us foresee a nightmare scenario for 3 of the favourites, with a sensational France-Argentina. But the final day can turn around a lot if not everything

There is still one game each to define the round of 16 table. At the moment we only have three teams certain of the transition: France, Brazil and Portugal. To get an idea of ​​what could happen, let’s see what the couplings would be with the current rankings of the eight groups.

left side

To be clear, let’s start from what we will define as the left side of the board. In the upper part, the winner of group A, which at the moment would be the Netherlands, would face the second of group B, i.e. Iran. The first of C, Poland, would cross with the second of D, Australia. The doors for the semi-final would therefore open wide for the Orange, with three absolutely affordable rivals.

In the lower part, the first of group E, Spain, would challenge the second of group F, Morocco. The first of G instead, Brazil, would find the second of H, Ghana. Potential fourth therefore between Spain and Brazil.

right side

Here we find the first of B, England, which would play with the second of group A, Ecuador. The winner of D instead, to date (and probably also after 3 rounds) France, in the round of 16 would challenge the second of C, currently Argentina. Messi against Mbappé, a crime so early in the tournament. Above all with the winner who would cross in the quarterfinals with England. A devastating boardside.

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The lower part would instead see the first of group F, Croatia, play with the second of E, Japan. The winner of the H, Portugal, would instead cross with the second of the G, Switzerland. The hope, as neutral spectators, is that the cards are reshuffled to avoid having England, France and Argentina grouped together, with instead another side with Iran, Poland and Australia, with all due respect to these national teams, which however have no stars of the level of those mentioned above. But 90′ can still change everything and very probably will.

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