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World Cup, Water Polo: Hungary-Italy 10-11 –

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World Cup, Water Polo: Hungary-Italy 10-11 –

The National Campaign beats the hosts 11-10 and enters the top four

Magico Settebello: wins the waterpolo Maracana, silences the almost 7 thousand spectators and with a renewed team of 7 elements with 5 rookies eliminates the great Hungary in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. T he first time we expunged the Hajos pool happened 40 years ago: it doesn’t happen often to win in this fort. One goal is enough but there was domination: the country team stings at the right moment and finds in Del Lungo, in team play and in organization the key to harness the Hungarian jugglers. Italy will face Greece on Friday at 16 in the semifinals, while the other semifinal is Spain-Serbia.


It is played to man, iron scoring, Hungary scores 2 of the first 3 goals in superiority with the Harai-Varga duo, Dolce, Di Somma respond, then cancel a goal from Fondelli for a foul in attack. It is a balanced first half, the young Settebello does not seem afraid of the hostile atmosphere even if he wastes a couple of comfortable opportunities in attack. On the other hand, there is a lot of work for Del Lungo, supported by an excellent defense. In the opening of the second set, Di Fulvio equalized (3-3), who brought Settebello forward 4-3 with one of his deadly executions. Then Edo Di Somma brings the advantage to 2 for the Campaign national team (5-3). Manhercz makes one of his feats for 5-4. Zalanki turns on, in superiority and breaks through for 5 all. Recco’s companion, Di Fulvio, is also confirmed for the 6-5 palombella at the end of the second set. Italy dreams. In the third time Giacomo Cannella takes advantage of a superiority for the blue +2, but Vamos does the same (6-7). The match still lives on a very thin precarious balance. But Italy is there, finds the 8-6 on Bruni’s line and still defends well, while the Hungarians struggle in front of a Del Lungo portacinesca, almost hypnotized. The fourth time opens with Echenique’s 9-6: in the Hajos the frost falls even the heat is boiling. With 6 minutes left, Italy has 3 goals to weigh on the plate. Hungary reacts in superiority with Vamos 4 ‘from the siren. The game is back in the balance. Di Fulvio is relentless in superiority: 10-7. It is almost made for Italy. Echenique’s second goal is 11-7. This time it is really done with 2 ‘from the end even Vamos is not there and scores the eighth goal in superiority. It must be a painful victory but that’s enough. Manhercz finds the 9/11 bomb a minute from the end. Del Lungo is a monumental account of Manhrrcz in counter-flight. And with 17 “from the end Jansik scores the tenth Hungarian goal. But it is not enough for the jugglers, Olympic bronze medalists and European masters. Settebello goes on and can continue to dream of defending the world title three years ago.

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Campagna says: “The feeling was immediately that of a team that immediately entered the match. With the exception of the last minute, where we dropped a bit of concentration, but it can fit when you’re four goals ahead, we were almost perfect. We turned the environmental factor to their detriment; in fact they made a lot of mistakes, especially in the decisive moments. In 48 hours this match will be canceled because there will be a world semifinal to face. A more difficult match from an emotional and psychological point of view awaits us with Greece. They have many experienced players, but we are ready ”.

Adds Bottoms. “It was a very exciting match in a fantastic stadium that pushed Hungary to the end. We knew it was within our reach; we were all phenomenal. We played like brothers and this is our strength. Besides being teammates we are true friends and we help each other as much as possible. We played the game well. In the beginning, the goal was not to board. Play point to point. Turn off the enthusiasm and then strike. We thought we were going to reach the end in balance, but instead we reached an incredible 11-7. Campagna had reminded us of when he had won as a player, he had told us not to be afraid, to play our water polo without being intimidated, to play having fun. I think we have succeeded. In the semifinals we will play with Greece vice Olympic champion. She is a team lady, we start on an equal footing. We want to go all the way “. Finally Di Somma. “The group has changed with five new additions, but I find similarities with the harmony. We won a really tough match against teams and 5,000 people cheering against; we dominated the game as a team, we never disunited, even when many fouls were whistled against us, even when they caught us up. We went up, checked, well defended. Now we rest, then we think about the match against Greece. It’s a fast squad with a big hit center, they have great shooters. There will be no danger of underestimating them after this victory. It will be a different match and we are aware of it ”.

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Quarter-finals: Greece-USA 16-11, Croatia-Serbia-14-12, Spain-Montenegro 7-6, Hungary-Italy 10-11.

Semi-finals: Croatia-Spain, Greece-Italy

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