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[World Cup]Neymar scored and the Cubs passed Brazil to eliminate South Korea 4-1

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[World Cup]Neymar scored and the Cubs passed Brazil to eliminate South Korea 4-1

Chang Shan, All Media Reporter of Sports Weekly

In the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, Brazil eliminated South Korea 4-1 and will compete with Croatia for the semifinals. Vinicius opened the scoring and assisted Paqueta to score, Neymar returned from injury and scored a penalty kick, Richarlisson scored and made a point. Bai Shenghao scored a consolation goal with a long shot.

World Cup

Brazil 4-1 South Korea

(7′ Vinicius, 13′ (penalty) Neymar, 29′ Richarlisson, 36′ Paqueta/76′ Bai Shenghao)

Brazil Lineup (4231): 1- Alisson/14- Militao, 4- Marquinhos, 3- Thiago Silva, 2- Danilo/5- Casemiro, 7- Paqueta/11- La Finia, 10-Neymar, 20-Vinisius/9-Richarlison


Korean Lineup (4231): 1-Kim Seung-kyu/15-Kim Moon-hwan, 4-Kim Min-jae, 19-Kim Young-kwon, 3-Kim Jin-soo/6-Hwang In-beom, 5-Jung You-young/11-Hwang Hee-chan, 10-Lee Jae-sung, 7-Son Heung-min/9-Cho Kyu-sung


(Reuters) – Defender Danilo returns to play at left-back as Alex Sandro and Telles are both sidelined through injury, with both he and Neymar missing the next two games with ankle injuries in the first round of the group stage group matches. Centre-back Militao replaced Danilo at right-back against Switzerland and will play the same role this time around. South Korean coach Paulo Bento made two adjustments to the starting lineup. Defender Kim Min-jae and substitute hero Hwang Hee-chan, who beat Portugal, replaced Kwon Kyung-won and Lee Gang-in.


[Lance]Tite has 3 players absent: Telles, Jesus and Alex Sandro. The first two have been ruled out of this World Cup because of knee problems. Alex Sandro has a hip injury and could return for the quarter-finals if Brazil advances.


[Brazil Globe]Thiago Silva tied Cafu and Dunga, and tied for the player with the most Brazil captains in the World Cup (11).



A banner in the stands paying tribute to Pele.


Rivaldo took a selfie with the Brazil warm-up in the background.


Telles, who bid farewell to this World Cup in advance, also arrived at the stadium. He will go to Seville after the game to continue to recover from his right knee injury.


Pele, who is hospitalized, inspired the Brazilian players through social media: “In 1958, in Sweden, I was walking on the street, thinking about fulfilling my promise to my father. I know that many people in the Brazilian team have made similar promises and also Fighting for their first World Cup. I want to encourage you, my friends, and I will be watching from the hospital and I will support each of you. We have gone through this journey together, and I wish our Brazil team the best of luck!”


[Global Brazil]There are only 12 people on the bench. Militao, Fred and Guimarães will not be able to play against Croatia on Friday (if they qualify for the quarter-finals) if they receive yellow cards today.

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[ITV Roy Keane]I’m sure South Korea will bring spirit and energy and play the ball into the box, but you just can’t see if they’re capable enough to get a result tonight. I’m not trying to dismiss them prematurely, but I’m going to do it anyway. Brazil’s defense is simply too strong. Over the years, you think of Brazil’s attacking players, but defensively, this team is solid, as well as in midfield. Obviously, they also have a couple of good goalkeepers, which really helps.




7′ Goal with the first shot of the game! Rafinha broke into the penalty area from the right and made a cross. Neymar’s shot from the center was blocked. Vinicius then rubbed and shot into the far corner, 1-0.


[Numbers]Vinicius is the youngest Brazilian player (22 years and 146 days) to score in the World Cup since Neymar in 2014 (against Croatia, 22 years and 127 days).


[Numbers]A non-Spanish Barcelona player (Rafinha) assisted a non-Spanish Real Madrid player (Vinisius) in the World Cup. The last time was in the 2014 Argentina-Switzerland match (Messi assisted Di Maria) .


[Numbers]Vinicius’ goal (6 minutes and 41 seconds) is Brazil’s fastest World Cup goal since July 4, 2014 (Thiago Silva vs. Colombia, 6 minutes and 14 seconds).


[Numbers]There have been 2 Real Madrid players scoring goals in this World Cup (Asensio and Vinicius).




13′ Jung Yoo-young encountered Richarlisson when he made a clearance in the penalty area. Neymar took a penalty kick to deceive Kim Seung-gyu’s center of gravity and advanced, 2-0.


[Numbers]Neymar became the third Brazilian player to score goals in 3 World Cups after Pele and Ronaldo.

3500 (14).jpg

[Numbers]Neymar’s national team scored 76 goals in 123 games, second only to Pele (77) and Messi (94) among South American players.


[Numbers]Neymar’s last 6 national team goals are penalty kicks.


[Numbers]Neymar’s 31 goals for the club and the national team in 2022, the best personal data since 2018 (34 goals).

2300 (1).jpg

[Shu Shuo]For the first time, Brazil led by 2+ goals in the first 13 minutes of the World Cup. It also became the first team to lead by 2+ goals in the first 13 minutes of the World Cup knockout match since Germany vs. Sweden in the 1/8 final in 2006.


17′ Hwang Hee-chan’s shot from outside is missed by Alisson.

[Numbers]Alisson only made his first save in 198 minutes in this World Cup.

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29′ Richarlisson counterattacked from the front of the penalty area, picked up Huang Renfan after consecutive headers, and passed the ball to Marchinhos, Marquinhos hit the edge of the penalty area and was missed by Richarlisson, Thiago Silva Pushing forward to Richarlisson, Richarlisson single-handedly advanced, 3-0.




36′ Brazil played a fast break, Neymar passed the ball from the left rib, Vinicius picked a pass from the left side of the penalty area, and Paqueta scored a half-volley into the lower left corner, 4-0.


[Numbers]Paqueta represented the Brazilian team with 8 goals, 3 of which were scored in the knockout stage of major competitions (2021 America’s Cup quarter-final against Chile; 2021 America’s Cup semi-final against Peru; 2022 World Cup 1/8 final against South Korea).


[Numbers]Thiago Silva surpassed Roger Mira (1990, 38 years and 42 days) to become the oldest World Cup assist player (38 years and 74 days).


[Numbers]Thiago Silva became the oldest player to participate in a World Cup goal since Roger Mira (42 years and 39 days, goal) on June 28, 1994 (38 years and 74 days, assists) .


[Numbers]The number of goals scored by Brazil in the first 36 minutes (4) has exceeded the total number of goals scored in the team’s 3 group matches (3).


[Numbers]Brazil led South Korea 4-0 in 36 minutes, the fastest 4-0 lead in the World Cup since Germany vs. Brazil (26 minutes) in 2014. World Cup fastest 4-0 ranking: 12 minutes / Hungary v Bulgaria in 1962; 24 minutes / Austria v Czech Republic in 1954; 26 minutes / Germany v Brazil in 2014; 31 minutes / Poland v Haiti in 1974; 35 minutes / 1938 Hungary v Dutch East Indies; 35 minutes/1930 Uruguay v Romania; 36 minutes/2022 Brazil v South Korea.




45+4′ Richarlisson counterattacked from the right and drove straight in. He broke into the penalty area and shot, but Jin Chengkui stretched out his foot to block it. Neymar made a supplementary shot high under the defense.


[Numbers]Brazil’s first World Cup halftime lead of 4+ goals since the 1954 group match against Mexico (also 4-0 at halftime).


[Numbers]World Cup half-time advantage ranking: Germany 5-0 Brazil in 2014; Sweden 4-0 Cuba in 1938; Hungary 4-0 Dutch East Indies in 1938; Brazil 4-0 South Korea in 2022.

46′ South Korea replaces Hong Cheol and Son Joon Ho after half-time, and replaces Kim Jin Soo and Jung Woo Young.



47′ Kim Young-kwon made a long pass from the backcourt, and Son Heung-min broke into the penalty area and shot from the left side and missed the far post.


54′ Rafinha and Paqueta kicked the wall from the right, left-footed shot was blocked by Kim Seung-kyu.

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62′ Neymar scored the ball, Rafinha waded past the defender on the right side of the penalty area, and the shot from a small angle was blocked by Kim Seung-kyu.

63′ Alves replaces Militao.

65′ Bai Shenghao replaced Huang Renfan.




68′ Danilo made a late clearance error, and Huang Xican’s volley shot was thrown out by Alisson.

72′ Bremmer and Martinelli come on for Danilo and Vinicius.

74′ Li Gangren replaced Lee Jae-seong.



76′ Li Gangren’s free kick from the right was ejected, Bai Shenghao’s left-footed shot hit the net, 1-4.


[Numbers]South Korea has become the sixth team in the history of the World Cup with 15+ goals outside the penalty area. Among these 6 teams, South Korea has the highest proportion of goals from outside the penalty area (Brazil 43/236, 18%; Germany 32/232, 14%; Italy 19/128, 15%; Netherlands 18/94, 19%; Argentina 15/144, 10%; South Korea 15/39, 38%).


[Numbers]This World Cup substitute goal list: Germany 4 goals; Spain/Japan 3 goals; England/South Korea 2 goals.

[Numbers]Alisson has only conceded 22 goals in 60 games on behalf of Brazil.

80′ Huang Yizhu replaces Cao Guicheng.


81′ Neymar replaced by Rodrygo; Alisson replaced by No. 3 Weaverton.


【Numbers】Brazil has become the first team to use all 26 players in this World Cup. It is also the team that uses the most players in a single World Cup in the history of the World Cup. It is the ninth team to use 3 goalkeepers in a single World Cup.


Players honor Pelé after victory over South Korea.jpg

Brazil displayed a banner to pay tribute to Pele after the game.


Neymar was elected the best in this campaign.


【Numbers】Brazil has reached the top 8 of the World Cup for 8 consecutive times. In the 22 World Cups, only 3 times did Brazil fail to make the top 8 (14th in 1934; 11th in 1966; 9th in 1990).


[Shu Shuo]World Cup knockout goals list: Germany 98 goals;Brazil 94 goals; Italy 59 goals; France 58 goals; Argentina 41 goals.


[Numbers]World Cup knockout wins ranking: Germany 31 wins; Brazil 28 wins, Italy 22 wins; France 17 wins; Argentina 12 wins.


[Numbers]Brazil has tied the number of victories in a single World Cup in the past three World Cups (both 3 wins), compared with 4 wins in 2006.


[Numbers]South Korea conceded 8 goals in this World Cup, tying 2010 (also stopped at the top 16), second only to 1998 (9 goals conceded, out of the group stage) and 1954 (16 goals conceded).

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