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World lions: Benetton Treviso wins the Rugby Rainbow Cup

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Resounding performance of the green-and-whites who asphalted the highly rated Bulls of Pretoria: it is the first international cup for an Italian team

TREVISO. Cinderella has found the right shoe: she is green and white, she is on top of the world. Yes, Benetton won the Rainbow Cup.

Clamorous in Monigo: the South African Bulls, which had to asphalt, were asphalted. It ends 35-8 for Treviso, who enjoys after a fantastic performance: 4 tries, three kicks by a fantastic Garbisi (who also has a sensational defense in the first half) and an audience of Monigo (in 1,250 who seemed to be ten thousand) to live a day of glory. But there is joy in the whole city (crowd of great occasions for the big screen in Piazza Trentin) and for the whole Italian oval ball.

Celebration for the victory of Benetton Treviso, the square explodes with joy

Treviso is the first Italian to win an international trophy. He does so with a coach, Kieran Crowley, whom he hails as a legend before becoming Italy coach and leaving the bench to Marco Bortolami.

A game that will become legend: from the monumental goal of Ioane, a splinter after the trigger of Hayward (we will miss him a lot) to the crazy rescue of Garbisi (player of the match) on Tamwbe. The Bulls do not understand anything, but still grab Treviso on 8-8 with Tamwbe himself, then the “robbery” goal of our South African, Els, who arrives at the right time, and then leads to the third goal with a goal of penalty.

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In the second half the most beautiful action of the year: Garbisi sees Ioane in the right lane and serves him with a 50-meter kick, the Australian manages to keep the ball in the field and serve the rushing Lamaro: South African defense affected like the butter. It is the ecstasy of Monigo, all standing to applaud the Lions who tore the Bulls to pieces. Edo Padovani also puts his signature to crush over the last line. 35-8, crazy, because at the same time there are also a couple of fabulous places from Garbisi.

The Pretoria team is on their knees, Benetton’s joy explodes at the final whistle: yes, Treviso is on top of the world.

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